October 18, 2008

Here it is folks. The most ignorant woman in America, (soon-to-be-former) Congresswoman Michele Bachmann R-MN. Even more clueless than Sarah Palin.

You want to see an anti-American Michele?

Look in the mirror.

You, dear, are a disgrace to America.

And no, being an idiot is not an excuse.


Democraatus said...

Who would vote for such a women (and where is her ashamed husband)?

consultant said...

This woman would have loved Joe McCarthy (McCarthyism).

This is what the modern Republican Party has turned into. Fascists. If you disagree with me, you're an enemy of the state (demonize your opponent. A page right out of Hitler and Mussolini's play book). She sounded like a member of the Russian Communist Party (a Commissar).

The Republican Party is well down the road toward a very bad ending.

What's next? Gulags (prisons) for all Democrats and Independents?

West Coast Willie said...

A quick web search reveals that her opponent is Mr. Tinklenberg. I checked out his website and he looks great. He is only 4 points behind. I just gave him a 100 smackers.


Go Tinklenberg!

Anonymous said...

Wow, is this for real? If this is the most compelling argument against Obama them the landslide will be massive. I know there are intelligent Republican women, so why do they put forward this one?

Anonymous said...

OMG This nincompoop makes Sarah Palin look like Gandhi.

yoski said...

Here're some anit Americans:
...and all the other scum that helped steal $700 billion from Americans.

Anonymous said...

There really should be two or more classes of citizenship in America.

Voting or Non-Voting
Stupid or smart.

Anyone voting for this racist dipsit cannot be allowed to vote. Only PAY TAXES, thats it, well maybe watch NASCAR too. Maybe.

Burp, belch, fart.


Anonymous said...

Chris Matthews may not be classified as ignorant, but has to have the most irritating voice on TV. Since he is in the picture with her, he gets a dig.

Anonymous said...

The poor dear...she's obviously been Hannitized.

Rumor has it that Sean Hannity can brainwash pious GOPers like her in less than 45 seconds.

And then, with a snap of his fingers, have them spewing delusional bullsh*t with reckless abandon for the rest of their political career.

BubbleGirl said...

McCarthyism 2.0

Have you no shame, madam?

When are we going to get a moment like that again?

The GOP is EVIL incarnate