October 23, 2008

Wow. John McCain gives America some straight talk, and lets all of us know what we knew - that Sarah Palin (Idiot) was a "cold, political calculation"

John McCain makes me sick.

I don't know if I've ever been more disgusted by an American politician, more than I am today disgusted by John McCain. Not George Bush. Not Dick Nixon. Not Ed Meese. Not Dick Cheney. No, today, John McCain is the Worst Republican of All Time.

Who'd of thunk?


Anonymous said...

Oh who gives a damn about this constant meaningless bickering, Keith. You sound like the national media.

The country is broke and a criminal elite has been running the USA for decades.

Here's the confession on video of E Howard Hunt on the assassination of JFK - released today:

World Exclusive: E. Howard Hunt Details JFK-Plot on Video

Straight from the horse's mouth. No BS.

So get some perspective people. Obama is not your savior. McCain is not your savior. The rot is much deeper than the figurehead president.

And here's the obligatory:

Wake the f*ck up!

Anonymous said...

If McCain isn't the worst pol ever in America, he's a strong contender! That Palin represents a cynical move is obvious as day. She was picked to whip up the base, like that obese lady who says "the lord will provide" forgetting that "god helps those who help themselves" (making a god obsolete!).

Anonymous said...

While you nerds are busy discussing shopping sprees and these two phony corporate candidates the real issues are being discussed at the third party candidate debate:

CSPAN : Third Party Debate

F*ck all you dopes voting for McCain or Obama!

Anonymous said...

*911 eMeRgENcY!*

Better than Billy Beer.

Anonymous said...

And Biden was a better choice than Hitlary. I would rather have Palin as President than Obooboo.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a joke, right? This is not really you.

You have no clue about Sarah Palin, yet you say nothing about Biden, a serial plagarist who pulls out a hanky and cries about his long, long dead wife if you question him too closely.

He has criticized Obama's inexperience more than McCain has. The guy is a dope and there is plenty of evidence to support this.

I know, it is sacrilege to point it out.

The election of Obama will be recorded as the beginning of the final death throes of a great nation.

Time to put the barbed wire around the house before the
riots start. (Riots of joy or riots of anger. Either one. It doesn't matter to the followers of Obama.)

Anonymous said...

At least Biden doesn't just dump a wife who becomes disabled like McCain did. Here's McCain: Damn. my life became a cripple. No worries, I'll just get a new one.

The concept of Marriage is a sick joke and McCain shows it. And that Down Syndrome kid sure picked quite the mother to have with Sarah Palin!