October 28, 2008


Tomorrow's headlines here today.

We would like to congratulate Barack Obama on his historic landslide victory over John McCain, and hope he governs as he ran - as a centrist, competent, collaborative, coalition-building, inspirational agent of change.

America is in a world of trouble after eight disastrous years. It's time to get us back on track, and let America be America again.


Anonymous said...

Begin arresting those responsible immediately.

Massive trials and huge juror pools. Televise the whole thing, each and every politician, wall street thug and realtor doing perp walks in chains.

Oh, How Sweet it IS...

Anonymous said...

uh ho, obama now holds a commanding 4 point lead.

if mccain was up by 4 it would be described as "mccain up by 4, within the statistical margin of error".

yep, no bias in the media.

Anonymous said...

mccain is really driving home the one message that could defeat obama. and that is that obama is going to take more of your money and give it to the welfare class.

he should have been doing that months ago.

Anonymous said...

Obama Presidency. Pull out of Iraq, Iran invades. Oil at $200 a barrel, gas at $9.00 a gallon. Russia says no to America going back into Iraq. New cartell with Russia and Middle East in Alliance. Chavez gets ICBM Nuclear missles in Venezuela pointed at USA. America would not only then be weak economically but militarily and politically. George Bush may have weakened America economically but Obama will complete the job miliatrily. If McCain wins, the Iran gets its nuclear power plants bombed and America gets cheap oil once again.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what this means, Keith?

"Let America be America again?"

In what ways precisely is Obama going to do that?

Man, you Obama-nauts are such a bunch of Koooool-Aid drinking f*cking tools.

Obama says that the US Constitution is fundamentally flawed because it does not promote social justice through redistribution of wealth. Is that "letting America be America" again?

Change.. Change.. Change.. You people are so freaking PATHETIC!!!

Obama Interview from 2001 - The Real Obama

Anonymous said...

Orange Jumpsuits, handcuffs and waist chains. Order them in quantity NOW.

We will need them soon.

Begin lineups and perpwalks in December. Do Not allow 43 to use pardon process.


bitterrenter said...

Stupid republicans still believe there this huge population who sit around on welfare. They still think 90% of the tax they pay goes to lazy people. They don't really think that but use it to justify their resistance to paying their bills to live in this country.

Republicans want everyone else to fund their wars, pay for their kids' schools, pay for their roads, help their aged relatives with theri medical bills. When was the last time you heard of a republican refusing the governemt program dollars? See, they want the goodies for free.

Republicans are filthy swine deadbeats.

Anonymous said...

Frank, where ARE you?

Here's a nice recap of your boy's straight talk. Enjoy.

ps: when you jump, make sure it is high enough, I don't want to fund your hospital stay like the rest of the illegals.

Madman McCain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioy90nF2anI

Mash McCain & Pulverize Palin

Anonymous said...


I don't want someone else to pay for my kids' school. It's true I don't understand why I pay taxes for other kids in the public schools and tuition for my kids' private school, but that's another tangent. What I don't want to pay for is Big Education's new buildings every 5 years, another grief counselor, a new swimming pool at the elementary school, a big glass entryway, etc. etc. I want to pay for kids to learn.

There used to be a time when companies would construct big expensive buildings to impress their clients with their financial strength. What do you see building most of the big expensive buildings today? Big Education. "Don't tell ME we don't have any money!"

David said...

"begin arresting those responsible immediately"

You people are so ignorant. The "people" responsible for the housing mess? Realtors? Nope. Lenders? Nope. President Bush? Nope (Clinton and Janet Reno- maybe). Congress? Nope. The "people" who are guilty in this case are the stupid Americans who walked away from their homes. Have a little sense of personal responsibility. I guess Keith and his followers are the sort of people who like to sue McDonalds for selling them coffee that's too hot. Open your eyes people. It's not the governments fault, it's the American public who's to blame. That's like blaming an owner of a Ferrari for his car getting stolen just because he left the door unlocked. Same concept. The banks aren't to blame, in fact, they're the ones taking the hit while Jane and John Doe American walk away from their homes.