November 1, 2008

What future does the GOP have with this base, these few remaining states, and this misguided focus?

* Ignorant
* Uneducated

* Mean-spirited
* Born-again but un-christian
* Closed-minded
* Anti-environment
* Rich

* Big business
* Anti-science
* Incompetent

* Cronyism

* Racist
* Anti-women
* Big spenders

* Massive deficits
* Anti-children (i.e. future generations)
* Arrogant
* Hated and laughed at around the world

I could go on.
I'm telling you, if I was the Product Manager in charge of the Republican Party, I think I'd be looking for a new job. They're asbestos. They're Exxon Valdez. They're Chernobyl.

But because I'm nice, here's some repositioning clues for the GOP, if they'd ever like to emerge from the political wilderness. Think of them as Tylenol, after the poisoning. Or Coca-Cola Classic, after New Coke:

* Green

* Pro-science

* Self-reliance

* Cooperative
* Balanced budget
* Anti-spending

* Low-taxes (for all, not just the rich)

* Pro small business
* Pro separation of church and state
* Pro middle-class
* Pro law enforcement and gun control
* Pro constitution
* Pro civil liberties
* Pro privacy

But hey, I'm not holding my breath. The GOP has been hijacked by ignorant fools, born-again nutjobs and corrupt lobbyists. They'll be out of power for a generation, unless they nuke themselves and start over.

The GOP dies this week.

Let's all dance on their grave.


obama is my president said...

My dancin' shoes are on, Baby!!

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann is a Republican

duarte said...

The 48% of the US you mean? Hmm. They will have socialism just like you. So, the ones that work hard but stay poor will just quit their jobs entirely and collect government checks. The rich will take the money they lost in taxes back by firing people, raising prices, outsourcing and investing in countries that actually produce China. With the rich staying rich and the poor class growing because of socialism, the middle-class standard of living will decrease steadily. China's businesses will crash too, but unlike Obama's government the Chinese will just let the companies fail. They will fall back on their manufacturing skill set and move into a renaissance.

Meanwhile, America's new feel-good, liberal, socialist policies will ensure that a deep 3 year recession turns into 20 years of hell. Americans will start saving instead of spending (as BOTH parties encouraged) and today's Fractional-Reserve Banking will be recognized as the true factor that "wrecked America".

Anonymous said...

Dance on their Grave?

Well, sport, Fuck that.

I'm PISSING on their grave after I empty a magazine into the box just to make sure...

GOP: DEAD. The Party that Killed America and fucked even themselves over until they died.

USA said...

Be careful what you wish for Carter gave us Reagan and Obama might give us?

Anonymous said...

Don't count the GOP out. The public has learned nothing. Have people stopped listening to Limbaugh? No.

Enough of the apolitical mass has shifted to Obama to get him elected, but only because they saw their 401Ks drop.

Four years from now, it will be back to the same old lies, most of which the public will believe.

Anonymous said...

* Green (where is the evidence of that?)
* Pro-science (nope, not if they support anthropogenic global warming)
* Self-reliance (nope - they prefer regulation and bigger government)
* Cooperative (with WHOM?!)
* Balanced budget (you have GOT to be kidding!)
* Anti-spending (dude! please!)
* Low-taxes (for all, not just the rich) (LOL - 250K and above are gonna get Obama's schlong!)
* Pro small business (.....)
* Pro separation of church and state (....)
* Pro middle-class (only when it suits them...)
* Pro law enforcement and gun control (right, aka 'anti-Bill of Rights' and furthering the police state)
* Pro constitution (LOL - right...)
* Pro civil liberties (I wonder WHOSE civil liberties)
* Pro privacy (LOL - another good one)

Dude...pure Orwellian speak. This is what they want to come across but remember, most dems voted IN FAVOR of ALL of Bush's programs and legislative requirements - FISA, Patrio Act, etc etc etc.

I cannot believe that you went from supporting Dr Paul to backing Obama. Just completely baffling.