November 1, 2008

Here's Dick Morris, who loves high priced hookers, detailing how McCain may win

It's interesting that folks like Dick Morris are even paying attention to the nationwide preference percentages.

Uh, Dick, there's this thing called the Electoral College. After you're done shagging your hookers, you might want to look at it.

(Isn't it fun when GOP weirdos like Dick Hookers Morris and Bill Falafel O'Reilly get together?)

Meanwhile, as Morris previews, watch the dying GOP throw everything they've got at Obama this weekend. Some really, really nasty stuff.


Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Here's Dick Morris, who loves high priced hookers, detailing how McCain may win...

It ain't over 'til it's over.

How many millions of Obama votes will rigged voting machines give to McCain?

How many disenfranchised Obama voters will have their votes uncounted?

How many Obama voters will have their votes disappear into cyberspace?

Will this fraud-laced election end with a clean win in the early hours of November 5th?

This year's presidential election will be totally infested with fraud and it may very remain undecided for several weeks until the Supreme Court finally appoints a winner.

It's happened before.


Anonymous said...

The sleaze coming off these two dripped onto my keyboard and now I'm having trouble wiaib whwiehty thps cheimatngm

carol stream said...

Fraud laced election - LOL!

Here in CO the Dems had to get a friendly judge to order the Secretary of State to stop cleaning up the voter roles by purging ineligible names. Yes, even with a Democrat governor and his cronies in state administration, your boy had to go so far as to find a sympathetic judge to try and rig the election with phony Acorn registrations.

Obama has hundreds of paid operatives around the state manning shopping centers and malls. I call them "Bitties for Obama" because most are creepy, blue-haired women. For the past month they've been urging people to "vote early" probably because the campaign knew the wheels were about to fall off the wagon as voters looked more closely at candidate Obama.

Dick Morris is right - it ain't over 'till it's over.

Barbara River said...

That would be "biddies", Carol, ya numbskull.

Oh, and it IS OVER, hon.