October 30, 2008

Here's Obama's prime-time ad video in case you missed it

Poor McCain. He just can't compete.


Anonymous said...

This ad brought me to tears. This is the America my grandfather, my father lived through. They were able to buy a home put us through college; without a college degree. Now those grandchildren who went to college look down at blue collar workers...If you don't get a degree you will be a looser, homeless...Its the message all college grads want you to hear.
I miss America, I really do.
The media won't comment on this commercial. I do not care what anyone says but corporate media loves GOP. CNN declined to air it.
The media really sucks.

gwk said...

Have you read the reviews not encouraging but the truth is he is the best at saying nothing. But I do think we should elect him only to get it out of the way like electing David Dinkins as Mayor of New York in 1989 who turned out to be the worst and gave us Rudy 4 years later. Obamas election will bring a Republic victory later on after he wrecks America.

Anonymous said...

Could McCain even fill half an hour about his platform?

As opposed to attacks on his opponent...

Anonymous said...

McCain is dead but will not fall over yet. 6 More days should do it.

McCain is embarrassing to watch. I feel cheap just hearing his voice.


Anonymous said...

John McCain on 24 hour watch?

After watching his opponent deliver the Final Knockout blow to his flimsy, hideous and depraved negative ruse he jokingly called a 'presidential campaign' but was really an example of wealthy white trash Fear and Loathing in America (R.I.P., HST) last evening, the early unconfirmed reports are McCain went limp like a gaffed tuna bleeding profusely from the ears and eyes and was last seen curled up in a tortured fetal position moaning incoherently like when little short yellow men had him in a cage on the other side of the world after he lost Another air confrontation and the little people were poking him with sharp sticks and breaking his limbs one-by-one just for sport and leaving him with his Frankenstein gate, all in the 1960's...

Oh, Lord, How long...

Walter Reed should get the V.I.P. ER and medical staff on short call ready. Many of the GOP will be seeking free-taxpayer paid premium price-no-object medical attention after massive losses on Nov 4th coming... The smell of helicopter and jet fuel will fill the air so thick it will be hard to breathe... The landing patterns will be full for days. They are now doomed the GOP 'Generation of Swine'.

The Nation can SMELL it. One week away. The Presidency AND a filibuster-proof Congress.

Amazing. Only George Bush and Dick Cheney could squander a massive budget surplus and turn America into the equivalent of an economic Ratso Rizzo in only 8 years. Mission Accomplished George. Daddy must be SO proud...

Hapless dipshit Joe the Plumber will be parking cars for minimum wage in some low-rent hell, like Phoenix or Orange County, CA if he is Real Lucky after we garnish his wages for the unpaid taxes and fees he owes... Joe, or whatever your made-up for TV name really is, your 15 minutes are OVER and you owe us for past due accounts, WITH INTEREST.

The Straight Talk express luxury bus will be reposessed by a gang of tough repo thugs and the McCain campaign plane will be a thing of the past. John and Cindy will be taking a greasy Crown Vic cab and carrying their own bags like the rest of us back to one of their many luxury homes (unlike the rest of us not Senators or Beer heiresses) for a long, long rest...

Paulson and Bernanke, you two ineffetive clowns have cashed your last checks too. Your retarded Boss is going down in Flames as are your failed and doomed three stooges-style plots (discount rate now 1% are you shitting me? that's your SOLUTION?) to solve the 'economic crisis'. Your Boss is already regarded as the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY and openly mocked around the world and that will not be a resume builder for either one of you... Ho Ho. Better get a good quality paper shredder. You may need it soon. There is never enough seats on the last train out of the station...

THE END OF THE GOP. The party that Wrecked America. Not a minute too soon.

Let the trials begin! January 2009.


Dr. Thompson, we MISS you...

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER WHACKO REDNECK RACIST FOR JOHN HERBERT HOOVER MCCAIN AND SARAH GEORGE WALLACE PALIN. Their campaign of desperation, hate and anger attracts all the Best Americans to come forward like the one described below:

McCain worker reaches deal in made-up assault case
The Associated Press
Article Launched: 10/30/2008 08:10:25 AM PDT

PITTSBURGH—A McCain campaign volunteer accused of making up a story about being robbed and assaulted in Pittsburgh by a man who disliked her McCain bumper sticker will enter a program for first-time offenders.
Under the deal announced in court Thursday, 20-year-old Ashley Todd will be released from jail and required to undergo mental health treatment. Her record eventually will be expunged as long as she goes to treatment, stays out of trouble and keeps authorities apprised of her whereabouts.

Todd, of College Station, Texas, has been jailed since Oct. 24, when police say she admitted making up a story about being robbed near a Pittsburgh bank and then assaulted a man who scraped a backward letter "B" into her cheek.

Todd, who was charged with making a false police report, did not have to enter a plea.

Police say Todd couldn't explain why she invented the story.


Anonymous said...

It's so strange. You click on any 'deep south' state, with large black populations and McPain is way ahead in the polls.


keith said...

I can see what Obama's selling. It's crystal clear, even if he can't deliver, or even if you're against his proposals.

Now, that said, can ANYONE tell me what McCain is selling?

I can't believe the popular vote is as close as it is. 40% of Americans are going to vote for the Republican candidate no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Obama needs to stop with these giant public stadium events. Every time I he does one of these I'm afraid to see him shot on national live TV.

Anonymous said...

"Her record eventually will be expunged as long as she goes to treatment, stays out of trouble and keeps authorities apprised of her whereabouts."

Change the 'her' to 'him' and that could be a part of McCains release requirements from the home...

Grandpa Munster goes to Washington...

TnT said...

"This ad brought me to tears."

Yeah, me too, for a different reason. These vignettes highlighted stereotypes and offered up visions of Americans who a unable to achieve anything without government help. If this is representative of America in 2008, then I'd rather live on the Moon.

I laughed at the part where that over-stuffed "educator" (we used to call them teachers) whined about buying milk in gallons and I told my wife from the looks of her bloated body, she needs to skip the half-gallon and go straight for the quarts!

Then we have the "tragedy" of the Ford family who are upset when both husband and wife work for the same company and one loses a job - duh. The old black man playin' blues was good too - all the spot lacked was a plate of fried chicken in the background. BTW, it was mentioned in passing that the couple have lots of children and grand children, well why aren't THEY helping the old folks in their plight? Are they all on the government dole too?

Sorry, but IMO Obama was preachin' to the choir with this one.

steely damn said...

"I can see what Obama's selling. It's crystal clear, even if he can't deliver, or even if you're against his proposals.

Now, that said, can ANYONE tell me what McCain is selling?"

One is selling snake oil from the back of a wagon, and man oh man, he's damn good at it. Everybody gets something for nothing, and we all "win" because, well, he says so.

The other guy doesn't promise much at all. He offers his experience and says he'll kick some asses in DC and guide the country based on traditional, core principles. It's up to us as Americans to make it all work.

The Blue-staters want Mommy in DC to help them tie their shoes. The Red staters want the assholes in DC to leave them alone.

The homo/metro-sexual, abortion on demand, union, where be mine?, punish the rich crowd may finally have enough votes to do their thing. We shall see on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I just love Obama. He's so handsome and well spoken. I always knew Jesus was black.

el duarte said...

Don't you remember what you liked about Ron Paul? Do you realize why he hasn't supported Obama? Don't you know the definition of "socialism"?

And don't you realize that Karl Marx was a generous and charitable man with a policy of peace and change?

And most importantly, don't you realize that government can't be trusted. Capitalism works by counting on the fact the humans are greedy and corruptable by nature. Socialism is a feel-good pipe dream. "I HAVE A DREAM!" because "I inhaled frequently and i'm still stoned."

el duarte said...

"Costs keep going up and up and up. Getting hard to make ends meet."


Because the banks knew they could unload bad mortgages! Because Fannie and Freddie were unregulated. Because the family took out a home equity loan to buy two new minivans and that sweet television and those nice granite countertops in that video.

Don't blame only republicans for this, Dam-n it! Blame the adults who spent the equity. Blame the Democrats who wouldn't regulate Fannie and Freddie. Blame the mortage interest deductions and Clinton-era credit expansion. Blame Bush. And Blame Obama for his part in it.

Wake up, sheep. There is nothing new about Socialism. There is nothing new about promising a chicken in ever pot. That is not change. And it's not going to happen.


This is NOT Obama's message. It was Ron Paul's. And he was right.

Anonymous said...

If I was Putin and Menedev, I would NUKE the USA right after Utopia Ivory Tower Obama gets in the White House for I know that by the time he thought about it, a first strike would be the end. Russia would not even think of it with McCain. Joe Biden has warned us about Obama's testing by the world. Obama's infomercial is not the real Obama. That's the Democratic Party Obama. The real Obama believes in Black Liberation Theology, which his Church of 20 years teaches. Google it. Happy reading, America. If Obama wins, then America's Chickens come home to roost. Show me your friends and I'll tell you something about yourself is allarming when applied to Obama. Although Obama's platform is not much different than Gore's or Kerry's, the media is making him out to be the savior. Funny, no savior ever believed in abortion on demand. The real man behind the Democratic platform mask is a dangerous false messiah.

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Here's Obama's prime-time ad video in case you missed it.

It was a great infomercial.

BHO feels our pain and has come up with big plans designed to fix things up with hundreds of billions of dollars.

How will he will pay for all he promises to accomplish?

How will he will overpower the criminals and corrupt bankers who now dictate policy to an impotent congress?

How will he keep the US economy from crumbling into total ruin?

I would like to see the Obama Prime-Time Show become a regular weekly feature -- a 21st century version of FDR's fireside chats.

The show was a smash hit in the ratings.


Anonymous said...

"This ad brought me to tears."

Pussy. :)

"If you don't get a degree you will be a looser, homeless...Its the message all college grads want you to hear."

So why are you listening? You are aware you are in control of yourself, aren't you? I lead a team of people at work, some that have two master's degrees. I am a high school grad. America is not unlimited potential for everyone, but unlimited potential for people with potential.

People need to understand that some win and some lose. What is pathetic is that by leveling the playing field, we are running counter to evolution. So what you see as actually the natural order of things running in reverse.

gwk said...

This fool tells a crowd that Exxon profits are theirs but forgets to tell them the tax on that company was the highest. They sell a product that enables them to employ hundreds of thousands of people and he says their profits are in effect stolen and you admire this socialist. This is Americas next Hugo Chavez and the polls are getting closer. He should be 20 points ahead given his machine and he seems not to be able to close it. There is hope and by the way did you read the comment that if he loses blood will run in the streets, nice. We shall see!

Lost Cause said...

Amazing that it got such great ratings. It even beat the last game of the World Series. That says everything! Get off my lawn, John McCain.