November 1, 2008

And then Dick Cheney came out of his cave to make sure McCain and Palin got destroyed on Tuesday

Thanks Dick.

Try not to destroy the country (any more than you already have) these last few weeks, OK?

Folks, when the history is written, I'm not sure the United States of America has ever seen a more destructive, corrupt and downright evil government official than Dick Cheney.

History will be brutal.

And so will his retirement. I see lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers. For the rest of his life.


Anonymous said...

Grassy Knoll?

Anonymous said...

Cheney is probably not made of human flesh. He has survived FOUR heart attacks, the first one at age 37. His impressive meical record includes conditions like arrhythmias (a-fib, ectopy), DVT, gout, aneurysms, unstable angina, SVT, congestive heart failure, etc. The surgical procedures he has had are countless: four-vessel bypass, ICD implantation, angioplasty, coronary stenting, ...
When (if??) he dies, his corpse would be a valuable specimen to any doctor specializing in cardiovascular disease and surgery.