October 28, 2008

I love Fox News

It's fun watching them as it all falls apart.

They get louder, nastier and more pathetic every day.

Damn fine entertainment though!


Anonymous said...

Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced

Anonymous said...

Meghan has a big future in porn. Nice face, pretty hair and great mouth. Looks healthy. Good stamina.
Pretty. Another MSM talkin (drop the r's like Palin for folksy touch) 'head'. The other clown will be sifting through peoples garbage looking for bottles soon.

Porn 'actresses' like Fox/MSM 'anchors' have a short shelf life.

Thank God this bullshit and nonsense reporting killing America will be over in a week and all Fox will have to report on is the historic landslide victory of President Barack Hussein Obama and the humiliating defeat of doomed and disgraced John Herbert Hoover-Dirty Campaign McCain.

Edward R. Murrow must be spinning in his grave...

How LOW to you have to stoop to be Media in America today?

Anonymous said...

and the other media outlets aren't a joke too?

get real.

why is it bad if fox is on the right but ok if ALL the other msm is on the left?

diablonhn said...

Faux News is bad because they make shit up all the time.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
and the other media outlets aren't a joke too?

get real."

Yes, you are correct. The 'other' outlets ARE a JOKE, a cruel one, as a matter-of-fact.

But not as cruel as having a mid-nation full of racists, bigots, religious crazies worshipping snakes and Palin and stupid semi-retarded illiterate citizens.

We can only hope Meghan's new video is out soon on DVD.. Wow, that mouth...

el duarte said...

So this is why all of you liberals want the Fairness Doctrine? I see.

Well, ok. As long as it applies to Saturday Night Live, Letterman, Bill Mahr and the others. They will have to make fun of liberals on an equal basis. And by that, I mean a panel of conservative, liberal and independent judges will need to assure that the jokes are equally sarcastic toward both sides.

You see, you HAVE to include the comedians in the Fairness Doctrine argument - otherwise Rush, Medved, and Hannity will just add funny monologues to their shows and call it "comedy".

Do any of you realize the smell of the koolaid you're drinking?

Let me give you a hint. The Woodstock Hippy dream at it's most noble was true socialism - at worst communism. There was nothing new about that call for peace and change. That is the change you vote for with Obama.

The dream was a bad acid trip. Take from the rich solves the problem? That's f-ing hilarious. Do you think the government will spend it efficiently, equitably, or honestly? Do you actually think Obama CAN take from the rich? The rich will take it back - count on it. Do you actually believe foreign countries will continue to buy ANYTHING we export if we penalize companies who outsource overseas? If we destroy the dollar?

Ron Paul was the ONLY answer. True Fiscal Conservatism. Neither party supports it. Obama doesn't get it. McCain doesn't get it. Singing the Democratic theme song just makes you another sheep.

Ron Paul DETESTS the idea of socialism. He trusts the free market. Do you understand why Democrats AND Republicans together allowed total abuse of the credit market with Fannie/Freddie, mortgage interest rate deductions, and all the rest? Your democratic leadership are crooks. You should be campaigning to throw out all incumbents. The NO INCUMBENT PARTY. Hearing this Liberal Diatribe BS over and over and over and over and over just makes me want to fly to Portland, slap the first hippy I see holding a granola bar and force him to listen to patriotic country and western music for 3 hours.

You are wasting this platform by supporting criminals complicit in this Ponzi Scheme.

Liberal sheep.

Anonymous said...

" el duarte said...
So this is why all of you liberals want the Fairness Doctrine? I see.


It's all lies and corruption, at the Best, on a Good Day and has been for, let's ee, at least 8 years now...

Fuck the GOP and all in it.

Deal with It.

el duarte said...

It's Congress that spends the money you know. It's Congress that ignored calls for audit and regulation of Fannie and Freddie. The Dems are just as dirty as the the republicans. Remember that multi-trillion dollar war debt? It was passed by a Democratic Majority. And you know what? Obama is going to spend even more - while simultaneously destroying the job market by trying to tax the rich. Trickle-Down doesn't work but Scoop-Up certainly does. It's called firing employees, raising prices and outsourcing. It's a excellent way to balance the books.

And now your reaction is to put a silver-tongued Karl Marx in the White House. Brilliant. He'll have everyone working for the government. FDR made it worse. Greenspan and Bernanke idiolize FDR. 400 IQ points and about 17 PHD's between them and they can't understand that FDR was an idiot.

FDR made the depression worse and made it last longer - and now so will you by supporting B.O.. And to a lesser extent, John McCain.

Anonymous said...

It is great fun! These past statements of Obama coming back to haunt him as the election draws closer. Maybe if he hadn't said it more people would believe in him. You just can't deny the guy's a commie.

el duarte said...

I agree - but not without admitting the Democrats are just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

Fux News: The official MIC training facility for fascist media hacks.

Anonymous said...

Got a purdy mouth.

Suomynona said...

She should get her hearing tested.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome. This guy is nothing but a hack, who can't handle the truth.

Thank God for Fox news or there would be nothing left to stop the unwashed hordes of the looney left.

The left are the biggest bunch of ungrateful socialists.

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Keith, you picked the wrong guy. Enjoy your socialism if he wins. But I think in the end, we might have a very close race.

Anonymous said...

Four Letters.....C-U-N-T

WTF1920 said...

With the exception of Lou Dobbs on CNN, TV news is bullshit.