November 5, 2008

AmericaPANIC Congratulates President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. America thankfully chose hope over fear.

The good news for Obama? The bar is set low. Really, really low.

The bad news? George W. Bush, the GOP (and many of Obama's fellow Democrats in Congress) wrecked America, spent all the money and demoralized the nation.

Thanks to Bush's incompetence and corruption, Obama's got his work cut out for him.

But no matter your politics, I think you can be proud to be an American tonight. This was a race for the ages. And the better man, and better campaign, won.


Sayitaintso Joe said...

Yeah! Suck on that Hannity!

duarte said...

Now all he has to do is pay that lady's mortgage.

W. Latif Ayubi said...

I have more faith in President Hussein Osama than I do in King George.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so proud today. So proud. And so happy. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I couldn't avoid, I spent last evening watching the election returns in the company of two older people in their mid-seventies who turned increasingly angry and bitter as Obama's numbers increased. These two people groused about "Blacks acting cocky" and "This is ridiculous!" as it became apparent that Obama would win. They watched horrified and unbelieving as their candidate was defeated by a man not of their color. I, inwardly jubilant, was not permitted to express my joy and relief at the election results. I couldn't laugh, cry, or rejoice at this moment of glorious history, because to do so would have angered and offended them, my parents. They knew I supported Obama and were resentful of it. So I remained silent as my mother muttered "I can't believe any one in MY family would support HIM." But after they went to bed, I went out in the backyard and let out a yell of joy and relief and victory.