November 3, 2008

Build your own map and predict the Obama electoral blowout count

In a total blowout, if EVERYTHING goes Obama's way on Tuesday, his max would be 468 to 70. But that would include a few states like MT and ND, where Obama is close or tied but man we'd be in cats sleeping with dogs stage to see states like those vote for Obama. After all, there's more black people on Obama's bus than in Montana.

But these are strange times.

If on the other hand EVERYTHING goes McCain's way on Tuesday, and people lied to the pollsters, I see him still losing 260 to 278. But that's giving McCain all the close states, like OH, FL and MO.

In the end, Obama will win it and his electoral count will be between 333 and 366.

This race is not even close, no matter what Fox News and Dick Morris would have you believe.

So play around with the map yourselves, and get on record with your prediction.


Anonymous said...

The polls are really wrong this year. I predict Obama wins, but not in anything resembling a landslide. Maybe 278 to 260. Obama won't break 300. I live in NYC and have heard more people lean toward voting republican than i did in the last two elections. Obama will obviously still carry New York by a landslide. But, my feeling is that if it's happening on any level in NYC, it's got to be happening elsewhere.

FC John said...

OBAMA: 364

FC John

Anonymous said...

obama - 281 mccain - 257


Obama is my president said...

Obama - 304
McCain - 234

Gnosis said...

I know Manhattan, were I was born and raised, and the boroughs, extremely well. Also Long Island, lower Westchester and many parts of NJ....there's a huge level of crypto-racism that people never having lived there, would never believe.

duarte said...

More in love with the Electoral system now than the past, are we?

Tokyo Boy said...

Obama - 876
McCain - negative 7,998,865

Anonymous said...

And Matt Drudge.
He's turned into a National Enquirer of politics.
Says Obama is 'flipping a bird' at McCain. Watch the video, not true.
Also the BIG F*ING deal he and his evil partner "Brietbart' are making about coal companies going bankrupt. Freaking DUH. It's all about clean, renewable energy.
I WILL BE SO GLAD WHEN IT IS 12:00 TOMORROW NIGHT. Haven't slept much since thursday.
Don't think I will sleep any tonite.
Nervous white person.
Obama seems so much more peaceful about the whole thing.

yoski said...

I live in Miami. Long lines at the early voting. Mostly black folks. The count of McCain/Palin versus Obama/Biden signs is about 1:100, no joke. So far I haven't met anybody that had anything good to say about McCain, most people here are mad as hell when they even hear the name. I find it hard to believe that Florida is a toss-up state. Certainly not the Miami area or at least the socio-economic challenged hood I live in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, hell, let's ALL flip McCain the bird tomorrow!

Stuck in So Pa said...

Do NOT count out the race/racism card yet Keith, or the counter affects of that "share the wealth" b.s. I remember watching one interview with a political analyst who said that with the public's anti-Bush attitude (people are voting more AGAINST Bush and the Republicans rather than voting FOR Obama), any other Dem candidate would have a thirty-point lead. Many people will respond to polls saying they favor Obama, and even in their own minds convince themselves that they WILL vote for Obama. All that can change when they are just about to pull that lever, and the.... "OMG, I'm was going to elect a n!gg*r!? No f**king way! What the hell was I thinking!”?.... kicks in.

I do believe the next president will have a Dem majority in both houses to contend with, possibly with veto/filibuster override power. That's who wields the real power.

Nov 4 will tell.

duarte said...

Seen this video, yet? It is an example of the opinions of the ignorant masses on the LEFT side of the equation, for a change.

This is the beast...Socialism. It is the seductive siren song that gave rise to Obama's popularity.

Quick, make this lady subservient to the government, before her heart is broken!

Anonymous said...

intrade had obama with 364 ecv

duarte said...

Wake up, dude. he ABSOLUTELY flipped off McCain. No question about it. Denial is an ugly thing.

Anonymous said...

"I find it hard to believe that Florida is a toss-up state. Certainly not the Miami area or at least the socio-economic challenged hood I live in."

(sigh) It's not all about your neighborhood. Is this like that crap where there isn't a factory near your shithole apartment, so there must be no manufacturing jobs in the US?

Anonymous said...

I think Obama was right to flip off McCain after all the nasty, negative things McCain's campaign threw at him. They were vicious. Good for you, Barack!
(And here's one for you too, Sarah!)