November 2, 2008

Here's another Saturday Night Live sketch, this one on California's Prop 8 marriage act. Oh, wait, huh? You mean THIS ONE is REAL too?

It is kinda funny that a nation with a 50% divorce rate is going on and on about protecting marriage.

Hypocrites much?

I did enjoy this ad though. Reminded me of the ones for the WWF. Or monster truck pulls. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!


Lamaria said...

"It is kinda funny that a nation with a 50% divorce rate is going on and on about protecting marriage"

I'm pretty sure that in addition to that, only 49% of the population is even married.

However I am going to come up with a counter comment to your statement:

If the institution of marriage is crumbling at the foundation (and marriage is the foundation of society), why would you want to inflict even more damage- here the damage being it's general dilution? It isn't logical.

What needs to happen is just the opposite- they need to tighten up the requisites/penalties for both marriage and divorce. Marriage and divorce have both been reduced to a common, every day thing so people have no respect for it at all.

bitterrenter said...

It's actually more like 66% divorce rate.

Yeah, lamaria, we need to impose lots of rules on who people marry, when they marry, just "tighten up" the requisites/penalties for both marriage and divorce". Sounds like a good republican thing to do. After that we'll mandate when people can have kids, how many and perhaps what they eat for breakfast.

Meanwhile, we'll deregulate the capitalists again so they can f*ck us out of more money.

Gabor said...

I wonder what the average IQ is for human beings in the world. I bet it's somewhere around 75-85. I know average is supposed to be 100, but there is no way that can be. These people NEED to be controlled by religion, sports, and other nonsense, otherwise they would be roaming the streets.

WTF1920 said...

I think homosexuality is just disgusting. I can't imagine myself ever doing another guy.


Personally, I think marriage is a fuckin' joke. With a 60% divorce rate, it's a waste of money. Whatever or WHOever a person wants to waste their money on, is none of my business. If gays want to marry, let them.

It's not MY money being wasted.LOL

bitterrenter said...


Grosses you out to do another guy but how being DONE?

Two sides to that coin, sweetie.

But we appreciate the support despite the obligatory "I'm not gay" disclaimer.


Anonymous said...

keefer Prop 8 will pass leaving you in a PC twitter...why? Because the mobilized black vote HATES GAYS!!!

black churches have been campaigning for 8!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Obama against gay marriage? Isn't it because of his alleged strong Christian convictions? You know, the same convictions that have absolutely no problem with abortion.

Why aren't you on his side on this one too, Keith? Or do you think that by adding that he's "open" to being wrong makes it ok?

Nice to see that everyone is a hypocrite these days.

FYI, I think that religion shouldn't play a role in our political discourse and I think that the government should stay out of everyone's bedrooms. I'm in favor of gay marriage and I'm in favor of abortion rights. So, don't assume that I'm a right-wing bigot just because I point out that your candidate refuses to be open on the one social issue that has been known to cost a democrat a presidential election.

Lamaria said...

"Yeah, lamaria, we need to impose lots of rules on who people marry, <...> Sounds like a good republican thing to do."


"Personally, I think marriage is a fuckin' joke."

Dear Bitterenter,

To clarify my point, I want you to read that second quotation and get back to me with something more substantial than name-calling and hyper-bole. American culture has slipped into hedonism, that is the root of the problem and it has to be addressed in all of its forms.

Realize that hedonism is also responsible for the downfall of our economy. What could have prevented that, and what's the cure? That's right, now you're catching on.

PS: my argument has nothing to do with religion.

Anonymous said...

keith, why don't you agree with your messiah on gay marriage? he says that marriage is between a man and a woman. why not call him a bigot?