November 4, 2008

Hope doesn't pay the bills. Hope doesn't fix the problems. But it's a start. And unlike fear and negativity espoused by the GOP, it wins elections

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Anonymous said...

hope is snake oil. wake up and grow up. obama is really going to disappoint you.

consultant said...

What makes America unique among countries is our constitution and capitalism.

If you look at our country from the time we established our first government, EVERY decade since then we have changed. Every one. We move on, we grow.

That is what amazes other countries. We have this amazing capacity for self renewal and progress in the face of formidable odds. And while that was not the intention of the founding fathers, it has been one of the absolute strengths to come out of their hard work in creating this country.

Today we are at another crossroads in our history. Like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression, WWII and the Civil Rights struggle, the country faces another crossroads.

Our country will move on. I have faith that we will. Faith is the cousin of hope. Faith is born out of experience, but hope is the desire to elevate that experience. The desire to go to a new place.

Faith and hope. In a nutshell, that is the American experience.

Obama/Biden '08

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
hope is snake oil. wake up and grow up. obama is really going to disappoint you.

November 4, 2008 3:03 PM"

Yeah. I'm really satisfied with The George and Dick 8 year show of horrors as is 9% of the country.

Today the GOP dies. Too bad it can't take some of the lesser among us with them.

Enjoy the DIE OFF, GOP


Anonymous said...

It's called false hope, Kweefer.

Big f*cking difference.

False hope is worse because it puts everybody to sleep and puts off the day of reckoning.

Now everybody thinks Obama is going to save their ass and make things better. Four years or eight years later things will be worse and the people will vote for "change" and false hope again. America continues it's gradual, relentless slide into the big government, anti-constitutional, anti-American abyss.

All because people like you took the easy option and thought all they needed to do was vote for the "lesser of two evils" instead of becoming seriously politically engaged and fighting for the issues. You just fell into the two-party paradigm trap - again.

Anonymous said...

Fear and negativity are certainly foreign to BHO, but it seems his followers see things a bit differently. That's why police in Philly had to stop two "Blank Panthers" who were intimidating whites that dared to enter the polling place. One brandished a night stick and warned whites that black people weren't going to stand for "white supremacy" anymore.

This is straight out of the Hugo Chavez/Robert Mugabe playbook for "winning" elections. Obama's buddies Ayers and Wright know these tactics well. It's going to be a long four years...

Anonymous said...

You need to read this to understand why Obama is the prophet of false hope:

An Open Letter to Barack Obama - Between Hope and Reality by Ralph Nader

I don't see how anybody can seriously say that Obama represents hope and change when they are confronted with these hard facts.

I'm not saying that anyone should vote for McCain. I'm saying that if you really want true hope and change you need to completely REJECT both of these corporate controlled parties.

Until the citizens of America realize that they can't passively vote every four years for the lesser of two evils - nothing will truly change and your standard of living, your civil liberties and the very essense of America as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights will continue to erode.

Do you understand yet people??

And I'm looking at YOU Keith!!

duarte said...

But just remember...if you don't vote for Obama, the polar ice caps are going to melt and flood the earth. Oh, and there will be drought and famine and destruction and cats and dog living short...mass destruction.

As an election day gift, here's a picture of the USS Skate at the entirely melted North Pole in 1959.

gwk said...

Look at the States and look at the Cities that have been run by Democrats and liberals for the past 40 years I said Democrats and liberals and I will show you complete failure that you cannot tie around the neck of Bush or any Republican so lets name a few Detroit MI LA CA Camden NJ lets not leave out Chicago murder capital of the USA how about Newark, NJ wonderful place to raise your children public schools just fine I could go on and on for years but you get it wherever liberalism is allowed to take hold there goes the neighborhood and city and state but hey its time for change so maybe Obama can clean up Chicago as President at least when he come to town it will be safe wonder where his kids go to school Acorn for anyone and keith close it down already.