November 3, 2008

Uh, actually, Americans would like a President who has thought about governing

John McCain wanted to be President all his life. He built up a fake personae, he spent the past eight years running, but I don't think he's ever actually planned to govern.

Which is a good thing. I think the American people sensed that. Because a McCain administration would have been a disaster.

The pursuit of power corrupted John McCain. It turned him into an unrecognizable piece of sh*t. He would have been a terrible president.

And the American people, including the members of his own party, told him to go home.


Anonymous said...

Really, you're accusing McCain, who has dedicated his life to public service of creating a persona for the exclusive purpose of running for president?

Obama has done NOTHING but prepare for a presidential run. He has never accomplished anything at a real job, which is something he's never kept for any substantive period of time. He's constantly built his own mystique. Why does a man of his age, who's made virtually no contribution to the world (beyond gracing us with his mere existence) need two autobiographies? Many people have come from modest beginnings and managed to get an education and build careers - this is nothing earth shattering. It is all part of the cult of personality he's spent his entire adult life working on. Everything Clinton said about him before the party muzzled her was true. He is the most unqualified person ever to run for this office.

I'm beginning to think the kool-aid is laced with crack.

Anonymous said...

'How to Marry Money' by John McCain

expected release date Nov 5th, 2008

consultant said...

If you've seen the movie, The Great Santini, McCain is just like the son in the movie (based on the great writer Pat Conroy's life).

At 72, McCain is still rebelling against a domineering, alcoholic father. McCain really does thumb his nose at authority.

But this arrested development is NOT something we need in a President.

As for Palin, I hope we bury her and the notion that arrogance and ignorance are acceptable qualifications for the highest office in the land.

duarte said...

You're talking about John Kerry.

steely damn said...

Keith is so pwned it's embarrassing. Obama could call for the execution of anyone over the age of sixty and people like Keith would cheer him on as the visionary who tackles difficult issues.

The man is an orator of some skill, and from what I can see, very little else. He walks around with law-school notions of governance and foreign policy, notions that the real world will quickly dismiss as the young boy gets schooled in the harshest possible way. During his re-education our nation will likely suffer multiple financial and social crises and my guess is the electorate will be counting the days until November 6th, 2012.

Obama 2008 = Jimmy Carter 1976

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: Uh, actually, Americans would like a President who has thought about governing.

We could liken the United States of America to the Titanic. It's now April 14, 1912. The great ship has just hit an iceberg and suffered a fatal injury.

We have George Bush at the helm and replacing him won't save the ship.

The first class lifeboats have already departed.

The ship of state is doomed.


Anonymous said...

I think Obama is under the delusion that the president has more power than the office actually allows. His not so hidden agenda will not be received warmly by men who have been in power through three presidents before his time.

Democrats really do think that you can take money from the rich.

I think that's funny.

The rich they are aiming at are much richer and much more powerful than they realize. The "rich" top half of one percent of the nation they talk about, make more money than all 50 senators put together. If you raise their taxes, they will take the money back another way - count on it. True socialism with government control of all the banks, all the mortgages and half of the country's jobs would make a "little" impact on the rich, but not much. They'll just move to Costa Rica, Belize or hell, even Mexico.

duarte said...

you know something? After tomorrow's Obama victory your website's name will start to make more and more sense.

Anonymous said...

It's time for you to close your blog Kweefer because you have become just as irrelevant as the mainstream media.

Just like the MSM you focus on the quibbling and bickering between these two corporate controlled candidates while you ignore the real issues and ignore the third party candidates that are trying to intelligently discuss the real and serious issues facing America.

You are part of the problem, Kweefer.

NADER vs BARR vs BALDWIN Third Party Presidential Debate

Anonymous said...

Straight Talk Express....


Afterthought said...

McCain couldn't tell the truth because he didn't know what the truth is.

Anonymous said...

Ie McCain wins I will come back to this site just to laugh and poke you with a stick.

The only poll that matters is the Nov. 4th poll.

If Obama wins I will sure as hell use every tool at my disposal to hide my money.