November 4, 2008


I like giving you tomorrow's news today, so figure I'll give you tonight's news tonight. Just a few hours early.

So, did you all vote?

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Should be an interesting night!


gwk said...

Hey did you get to see the video clip of one of your heroes supporters praising the fact that she will no longer need to pay for gas or her mortgage if he gets elected it is amazing to watch what people are really voting for him for and they will get it as will all of us but it will be fun to watch.

duarte said...

While you're making predictions, i'll give you next YEAR's news, today.

The lady on Youtube who expected B.O. to pay her mortgage will not be making mortgage payments, anymore (one way or the other).

We will still have 100,000 troops in Iraq (at least) - and double the number of troops currently in Afghanistan - or involved in border incursions with Syria and Pakistan.

The disinflation period of financial collapse will be over and the dollar will have dropped by fifty percent - just like Ron Paul predicted - beginning a hyperinflation spiral. Obama's reaction will have been to increase spending - more than quadruple the amount saved by cutting military spending and raising taxes. And Iran will triple the amount of money they are investing in the Iraq insurgency.

The poorest Americans will feel the pain first as the Obama administration begins to see that blaming Republicans for all of these troubles is difficult long term. Certainly, when Congress's approval ratings are still dismal with people realiziing just how many rich, white Democrats there are in Congress.

And Dennis will begin to realize that Ron Paul was the ONLY choice.

Anonymous said...

Remember, we could have a threepeat of the pivotal battleground state to be rigged. Which will be the lucky laughingstock?

The whole planet is watching this one under a microscope and if McCain wins by a measly one state, the whole world will conclude it was rigged. This may trigger consequenses including but not limited to:

a demand to switch to a straight popular vote.
terrorist attacks.
an oil embargo.(to cripple us)
loss of remaining credibility.
any combo of the above.

It's a "careful what you wish for because you just might GET IT".

duarte said...

Except that the last two elections were close because the country was so evenly divided - not because "the fix was in". GW Bush was only a Texas Governor - not exactly in position to "rig" an election.

Admit it. All of your talk about GWB being an imperialistic fascist was BS. There will be an honest election. There will be a transfer of power and life will go on - without Bush ever "planting" fake WMD's in Iraq or inventing an administration-extending wag-the-dog scenario with an eleventh hour terrorist attack like you would have predicted.

While you're at it...admit to yourself that you no longer know how to define "American Dream".

Anonymous said...

His daddy was a CIA spymaster and is a GOP insider. And consider the fact that you only need rig the pivotal battleground state.

Whether any shenanigans were involved or not, people the world over will suspect a McCain win.

WTF1920 said...

If Obama gets elected, nothing will change. Nothing ever does.

He will either be bought out by corporate interests and become corrupt with greed and power...or be shot by some "crazed gunman" who just so happened to pop out of nowhere for absolutely no reason. The american people will go back to sleep, and all will be forgotten. Just like JFK. Just like Reagan. I honestly don't know what all the optimism is about. Two hundred years from now, something exactly like this will happen.

Nothing changes.