November 3, 2008

Besides their own incompetence, incoherence and corruption, there were two big things that destroyed the Republican Party forever.

1) The Internet: Which allowed the Democrats, the party of the people chipping in $25 at a time, to significantly outraise the Republicans - the party of the rich and business

2) Early Voting and Vote-by-Mail: Which allowed poor and middle class working people who couldn't take four hours off on election day to vote (including some poor old people too)

The Republicans successfully restricted voting for decades, since they knew if the masses were allowed to vote they'd never win another election again. And I don't think they ever saw the internet, and internet fundraising, coming. Millions of people giving $10 beat a much smaller group of lobbyists, rich people and companies giving $1000 any day.

The genie is out of the bottle.

And the GOP, unless they radically reform, is dead.


Anonymous said...

GOP IS Dead.

Congratulations President

Barack Hussein Obama.

I feel proud just to say that name.

FUCK the GOP and everyone in it,
especially the cast of rogues:

George W. Bushco
Dick Cheneyburton

John Herbert Hoover McCain
Sarah 'the Wonderful Winker from Wasilla" Palin


Obama is my president said...

It's definitely a new world out there. The face of America has changed. The demographics are different, the attitudes are different. We will not go back. Obama is the new face of a diverse, aware, reasonable and competitive America in a world that respects that. Thank God for Barack Obama. He arrived right on time.

Anonymous said...

keith, what happened to the posts listing corporate campaign contributions? if memory serves, the democrats are just as bought-and-paid for by big business as the republicans are. that must be some delicious kool-aid....

Anonymous said...

I take it that poor old people are voting early and Democratic, therefore making true the case that its just plain wrong.

Die rich GOP scum.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the US just get their shit together when it comes to voting on election day.

The things Oz does right:

* voting is on Saturday - so less people need to take time off work.

* the queues never go for hours - and note preferential voting last time I voted I think I numbered candidates from 1 through 50 in my order of preference - so it's not like voting is much faster or anything.

I swear there'd be riots if there was a three hour line to vote. Especially since voting is compulsary (well turning up is anyway) in Oz...