September 20, 2008

AmericaPANIC Quote of the Day

"I think it's pretty clear that Senator McCain is a little panicked right now. At this point he seems to be willing to say anything, or do anything, or change any position, or violate any principle to try and win this election."

- Barack Obama on the flailing and increasingly senile-looking John McCain, who is running one of the most shallow and shameful campaigns in modern American political history, September 19, 2008


Anonymous said...

Old fart

Anonymous said...

Nov 5, 2008 Election Results:

John Herbert Hoover "Crash" McCain, the doomed and senile ex-senator from Arizona, failed Navy pilot and self proclaimed 'war hero' loses the general election in an historic 49 state landslide.

The only state he carried was Alaska after his Vice Presidential running mate 'got out the vote' in Wasilla. Palin set a new record of sorts by not giving a single news conference or answering a single unscripted question during the entire campaign, even outdoing former Vice President Sotgun Dick Hallliburton Cheney who is said to continuing constant travel in a pod, like a diseased monster.

When the Palin Family is mentioned in Alaska residents there shake their heads sadly and quickly distance themselves and make it clear that they 'didn't vote for that dingbat' is frequently reported as the number one comment.

After receiving the shocking final poll results, McCain, was last seen being placed in a private air ambulance clutching his heart while repeating over and over again 'I believe the economic fundamentals remain strong'.... and Karl let me down...

Ex-President Bushco, meanwhile was busy lining up remote news interviews from his heavily guarded ranch in Paraguay to promote his new book 'how i stole the 2000 election, suspended the constitution, killed 4,000+ GI's and wrecked america and killed the GOP all in 8 short years.

Interest in listening to the bumbling, stumbling stuttering idot Bushco, it is said is sparse, some calling him mentally retarded and the WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY.


Lost Cause said...

John McCain is from Ground Zero of the real estate collapse -- Phoenix, Arizona -- even owning multiple overpriced condos. said...

Nice quote, coming from a guy who got elected to the Illinois state senate by using a team of lawyers and legal trickery to get all of his opponents thrown off the ballot on technicalities.