September 20, 2008

Here's Obama taking open questions from the press on the economic collapse. You know, the kind of press conference McCain and Palin refuse to do

Twenty one days since Sarah Palin was named as McCain's VP candidate. Twenty one days, still no press conference. Twenty one days, the American people via reporters cannot ask her for her views.

Sarah Palin has a chance of becoming not VP, but PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in a few weeks or months.

It looks like McCain's hoping to run out the clock on this one. No press conference. No questions except from friendly press.

And that's just too dangerous for America. The McCain/Palin ticket is dangerous and unacceptable.

(oh, hope you enjoy the Obama press conference. Disagree or agree, at least you know where he stands)


Anonymous said...

He looks Presidential to me. McCain just looks like a doofus.

Afrethought said...

Should Obama lose:

We must realize that we (thinking, decent people) are in enemy territory. Outwardly, we may chameleon-like pretend to be one of the many, but they are a menace and a danger.

We will have had three consecutive deleterious decisions by the electorate:

Gore, Kerry, and Obama were each flawed, each not perfect, but they were vastly better than the Republican alternative. This was an objective fact and yet the people obstinately choose the greater of two evils.

That is a declaration of war against all that is good about the last 300 years.

Anonymous said...

John McCain is finished, poof, gone. He blew up this week just like the Challenger and failed O rings had nothing to do with it...

McCains lifelong pandering senses finally caught up and failed him this week, like sysiphus when the rock rolled backwards over and killed him on the hill...

"I believe the economic fundamentals remain strong"

How fucking stupid are you to vote for a geriatric confused idiot who would make such a statement?

Put it in perspective, even retarded Bushco knew that to be false. Now, that's saying something Right There...

If Bushco ever sounds smart by comarison, you know you are talking to an hopeless idiot.

consultant said...

Come up with a structure that works and don't bailout the people who took stupid risks.

Sounds good to me.

Paulson probably asked Bush if he should take Obama's advice, and Bush said, "Who?"

Obama/Biden 08

Anonymous said...

Obama step up to the plate in congress! Why the F*ck isn't he in there this weekend ensuring that things don't get totally F'd up before he wins in november? He could show us his leadership skills over the next couple of days by getting involved with this in congress.

I wonder if he will even vote on this 700B POS next week.