September 19, 2008

What should I call AmericaPANIC?

Right now it's "The Politics and Policy Blog with an Attitude Problem"

But that doesn't seem to get to the meat of it. I RAGE against McCain and Palin, I luke-warmly support Obama, I HATE the Democratic and Republican parties, I supported Ron Paul, ....

So, fire away. New name by the weekend...


Tokyo Boy said...

How about something like "vote out all encumbants"?

BTW I applied for my absentee ballot about a week ago...I wasn't at all energized about this election until about a bad choice for America!

panic attack said...

How about "The Politics and Policy Blog that tells it like it is. Because no one else will."

the_truth_hurts said...

Americant (Amer-I-Can't)

Alternatively: Ameriwont & Ameridont

consultant said...

I like AmericaPanic.

But, maybe, CivilWar-Part II?..

America's Demise..AmericanDownfall..

Is This Anyway To Run A Country?

gop: the party that wrecked america said...

"Death of the American Dream"

(with apologies to the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson)



"George and Dick Wreck the World"

speedingpullet said...

How about "A Pox on all their Houses"?


"Fuck'em and the horses they rode into town on"?

Anonymous said...

Well, on Housing Panic you called it an "Anti-McCain" blog, which it is. I noticed you no longer call it that on HP. Why not be honest? How about "A simple-minded, one-sided, political waste of time"

Bali Girl said...

'America Screwed the Pooch'

'Greed Nation'

'Graft n' Greed'


Anonymous said...

"Behold your house is left unto you desolate" (Matt.24:38)

guy n. cognito said...

AAA-rated AmericaPanic :)

Anonymous said...

TitanicPANIC - A Political Blog for Survivors of America's Crash.

MediaPANIC - The Truth-Based Blog for Disenchanted MSM Reporters.

PalinPANIC - The I-Told-You-So Blog for Penitent McCain Voters.

Anonymous said...

Post-ElectionPANIC - A Political Blog for Voters Who Expected Things to Change.

Anonymous said...

America Panic..
"Does anyone REALLY care?"

"Following the great Republic's of the past."

"Latest in a long line of failed Republic's"

"Is American Idol on tonight?"

"It's all the short sellers fault."

"It's only fraud if someone prosecutes me for it."


"Over 2 Trillion served"

"China's Biatch"

"Neither a borrower nor a lender be."

"And we will all go down together.."

Peace out

TJ said...

States United In Panic

Anonymous said...

Keith- i like what panic attack said. "The Politics and Policy blog that tells it like it is - because no one else will."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about ?
States United On Panic
-On Line =

Anonymous said...

States United Under Panic
-On Line

Are we getting close?

Anonymous said...

One Nation - Under Dogs