September 19, 2008

AmericaPANIC Serious Question of the Day

What does the current Republican party stand for?


Anonymous said...


Out &

Anonymous said...

Crooks and Liars.....
Blame the liberals and poor folks...
Did you hear Lady whatever Rothschild endorsing McCain?
Donald Trump endorsing Mccain what an asshole. The "Donald" who is business mess himself..

Anonymous said...

Fleecing the wealth of America (created by previous generations) for the elite.

Smoke and mirrors. The flag and the bible as Gods unto themselves.

Noodles said...

Greedy Oligarch Pigs

consultant said...

O=Our People
P=Phony Conservatives

Anonymous said...

Greed, Corruption and Gross Incompetence.

That about covers it.

Also,the GOP undisputedly is


speedingpullet said...

What does the GOP stand for?

I have no clue.

Then again, I've never had a clue.

The whole philosophy of the Republicans (and thier kinfolk the Tories on the other side of the pond) has always been diametrically opposite to mine.

Anonymous said...

I could simply say Bush opened his mouth and stop there, because we all know he makes an ass out of himself every time he speaks.

But ooohhhhh nnnooooo!!!!!

Only Bush can speak so articulately:

The SEC is also requiring certain investors to disclose their short selling and has launched rigorous enforcement actions to detect fraud and manipulation in the market. Anyone engaging in illegal financial transactions will be caught and persecuted (sic).

Anonymous said...

Religious Fundamentalism.

Anonymous said...

The parties don't stand for anything anymore - they haven't for a long time. The Republicans are organized greed with a lot of money behind them. The Democrats are just small-time, petty, individual greed. The Dems will line their own pockets and dole out some money to get votes. But only the Republicans could pull off this unbelievable theft of public money that the housing crises has become.

pwnd said...

a hand-gun on a crucifix.

the last taxpayer said...

Singular goal of GOP = Get themselves rich(er).

How to obtain goal = Get Votes via:
1. Racism
2. Religion
3. Repression

Afterthought said...

They are the Modern Ghost Dancers.

My friends, and I really admire Kieth and most of the posters on this an similar boards,

My friends, we are embarking on a New Age.

Robotics, genetic engineering, AI, space colonization, nanotechnolgy...

The world of the 22nd Century will be so radically different than the world of today.

That change won't come easy, that change wont come cheap but it will come.

The ancient religions, nations, languages philosophies, scientific paradigms that we knew were not going to survive the journey were being kept alive by the Ghost Dance that is "conservative" America.

The world of your birth is gone. GONE!

We are in a Brave New World.

Stuck in So Pa said...


What ate their talking points

"Guns, God, and Gays!

Anonymous said...

what does the current democrat party stand for?

(cut and paste any responses to the republican party question here)

Anonymous said...

Turning this into a Christian version of Iran but with the strong economic fundamentals of Zimbabwe. (namely extreme inflation)