September 15, 2008

Here's John McCain pretending that he'd take on the lobbyists and reform Wall Street. Ha ha ha !!!! Ha ha ha ha ha !!!! Oh, Ha ha ha!!!


Anonymous said...

McCain is a total asshole. Palin is an inconsequential piece o shit.
I cannot believe that any human being would want them to run a country.

Anonymous said...

Americans will eat the up...
McCain is slime....period.

Anonymous said...

Corporatism. These guys want to use government to make corporations more powerful and make people fall in line to do corporate/government bidding. Eisenhower warned us against this. He was a conservative. McCain is just a corporate shill

Anonymous said...

I love to hear the brainwashed assholes on Tv defend McCain and Palin. Lou Dobbs was on yester with his usual bullshit of Poor Palin.
We will remember the Liars.
McCain you fucking asshole go back to your many Mansions.
Palin go home and raise your newborn you hillbilly hick.

frede said...

over 60% of americans will have lower taxes under obama versus mccain.

mccain has a 2% across the board tax cut but the largest cuts are those who make more than $600,000 a year

that is not most people, not even most people with million dollar houses (if they still have them)

to quote a fake whoopi goldberg: republicans are so stupid. i hate republicans.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Just call so called "conservatives" by their true names.. Facists

McCain is a McShill for the McRich said...

McCain is a professional politician, an accomplished liar, and a political whore.

He's just another rich asshole trying to keep himself, his crony asshole friends, and his big corporate asshole contributers feeding at the givernment trough.

It's time to send their crony network of corruption packing.

Anonymous said...

Is it really so hard for people in America to understand that it takes 5 to 7 years to see any meaningful economic benefit for new offshore oil drilling? Or drilling anywhere for that matter?

Do we have to resort to comic book stories about how its done for Americans to get it?

And is so hard to realize that even there were massive oil deposits offshore, this does not automatically translate into higher supply of gasoline and thereby lower prices at the pump?

This is such b.s.