September 20, 2008

It's nice to see Obama destroy McCain, which Dems didn't do to Bush. Here's Obama putting McCain to the ground, then kicking him in the skull


consultant said...

Payback is a bitch!

screwed pooch said...

Hate to spoil this since I really want someone other than McCain but Obama took $$ from Freddy and Fanny too

Wish he was up front about it....

hp fan said...

Post this shit on housingpanic.

Dumbass McCain wants to gamble with health care and social security like wall street gambled with houses. Priceless!

Beautiful speech, Obama might just win.

P.S. I'd love to kick McCain in the Skull along with his treasonous buddies: Bush, Paulson, Greenspan, and Bernanke.

Anonymous said...

Sen. (President-elect) Obama:

Do not let up beating the shit out of this old senile warmonger and the wolfe-killing nit wit Vice President (LOL) nominee.

Bury that phony traitor and all in his Party that Wrecked America at the debates this week. Just torture him, he is used to that, allegedly. Destroy any remaining McCain Supporters and their families. They are too stupid to be Americans. Anyone with an IQ of 80, axles under their house or NASCAR fan should be excluded from voting forever...

Set McCain up and then knock him down repeataedly until the stuffing comes out or he has a stroke and dies.

America cannot have another stupid dipshit like Bushco running anything ever again. Bushco couldn't be a toll both operator on the night shift on a bridge in New Jersey.

and John Herbert Hoover McCain cannot have his hand on the nuclear codes, EVER.

Please see to that. The momentum has swung in your favor. Time to put Arizona ans Alaska in the rear view mirror once and for all.

McCain to lose 50 states out of 50 in November in an historic landslide of biblical proportions.

Anonymous said...

McCain to lose 50 states in November if he doesn't die of a heart attack by then.

Senile, out-of-touch, elderly warmonger.

Mash McCain!