September 18, 2008

Compare how Sean Hannity at Faux News interviewed Sarah Palin with how Bill O'Reilly interviewed Barack Obama

Would have been nice if O'Reilly had allowed Obama to answer a question for more than 3 seconds without interrupting him.

Would have been nice of Hannity had asked at least one tough question, or challenged one talking point of Palin's.

But that's what real journalists would do. Not the GOP poodles at Faux News.

Right wing propaganda and the brain dead idiots who like their opinions spoon fed to them got America into this mess.

But for comedic value, it sure is fun to watch.


steely damn said...

So what's you point Keith? Compare how those botox babes on The View treated the McCains versus the Obamas. The Media in this country is biased - duh.

keith said...

Good point - the View ladies destroyed McCain and did it rudely.

However, that said, The View is not a 24-hour news channel advertising itself as "fair and balanced".

They're a couch full of left wing bitter women (with a token right wing one)


Glad I could help.

steely damn said...

Your confusing things here. O'Reilly is just a piss poor interviewer, period. It wouldn't matter if Jesus Christ where sitting in the other chair, wild Bill would still have to have the last word.

O'reilly and Hannity are not part of the news division at Fox, they are commentatots. If Brit Hume were doing the interview, we would see a true pro at work and we'd have different questions altogether.

Anonymous said...

Sean Hannity
Karl Rove
Rush L.
Bill Oreilly
Michelle whather name
Everyone on Fox news
am radio
they are going down
Did I forget to mention Ann Coulter
What cult do these people belong to anyway

Anonymous said...

What are you people doing leaving comments like
Brit Hume is a journalist..
My goodness get off the drugs

Anonymous said...

If Palin says that the American workforce is strong, does she mean that, e.g., the Chinese workforce is weak? If it does, how exactly is it weaker? Is the number of workers in China smaller? Or maybe their education is worse than that of American workers?

Or the Chinese entrepreneurs have less money for investment? Oops, sorry, this is already "economy", not the "fundamentals" -- you need a financial system to get a commercial loan.