September 14, 2008

The problem with having ignorant fools for President is that they're ignorant fools. Here's the idiot Sarah Palin on going to war with Russia

Hopefully Americans will wake the f*ck up in the next few weeks and realize that you can't just pick any random person off the street and make them president.

Oops, I correct that. Yes, you can indeed pick any random person off the street and make them president.

And that's probably the fastest way to destroy your country.


Bali Girl said...

She's already floundering. Reminds me of when I was a TA in college, when those dudes would be cold called by the professor when didn't read the assignment. Would bluff their way through an ad-lib response: answered with non specific comments, no committal on vague ideas... try to show self confidence by speaking with a kind of stammering false conviction that's supposed to show self-confidence.

You can spot them a mile a way.

This chic is serious light weight.

investorinpa said...

Keith, what you fail to realize (as does the MSM) is that Palin is becoming America's Sweetheart..the more you attack her, the more people like her and think you are being unfair. I know where you are coming from, but you have to realize that in America, a guy pouncing on a woman's credentials always backfires. If you really don't like the ticket, you should focus on putting the attention on McCain and as little attention to Palin as possible.

Anonymous said...

The Palin 'pick' was designed to take away Biden's thunder.

Any one-on-one debate between them would effectively make Biden look like a school yard bully.

It 'benched' the Obama team's foreign policy debate advantage.

Dr. Strangelove said...

Cool, toe to toe nuclear combat with the Ruskies! If we hit 'em with everything we got we might be able to cripple them and upon retaliation only face moderate civilian casualties, 50, maybe 60 million. Tops!
Let's go for it!

tom12008 said...

Yes, bali girl, you have a good point. Unfortunately, stonewalling and other evasive maneuvers have become so common in the current administration, it seems that the Sheeple of the United States of America cannot or do not wish to tell the difference. It's a sign of how endangered rational discourse is in our society. The Bullshitters are taking over, and I don't know what can be done to make things better.

As for your point, investorinpa, I think you've nailed it perfectly. Attacking this most feminine of politicians is like punching a girl, even when she's hit you five times trying to provoke you. You try to calm her down, but if you hit her back, you have taken the bait, lost face, and lost the fight, no matter how badly you hurt her. This is further evidence that the selection of Governor Palin is a cynical "divide-and-conquer" move.

I know that what I have just regurgitated will sound old-fashioned and,yes, patriarchal. But that is my point; Palin is availing herself of the opportunities hard won by generations of feminists in order to undermine the cause of women. There isn't a passage in Emily Post to deal with this sort of situation yet, and we will fall back on known rules as best we can.
Again, this is a cynical mindfuck, and we should be wary of taking the GOP bait by minding how we speak of Palin. Let's remember to focus on qualifications and character, and point out that stuff like gender is really minor compared to issues of comptetence.

panicearly said...

everyone in the future sophomer civics class will be watching
Idiocracy, or would that be in American History..hmm

For those of you that have yet to watch this movie, do so if you want to get a good handle on our current state of the union, msm, and voters.
Its a must for any political pundit these day.

tom12008 said...

I'm sorry to vent so much, but I just see another stolen election on the horizon. I am concerned about a candidtate who is acting like an emperor when he hasn't even been crowned yet. I thought Bob Dole was testy and defensive during his Presidential candidacy. Little did I know that John McCain would make Senator Dole look relaxed, straightforward and (gulp) even likable in comparison.
But what can I do if "God wills" this ticket into office, wars on multiple fronts, and all the attendant ills of war?

Anonymous said...

At this point of no return, whoever wrecks the country fastest gets my vote. The sooner the better, Argentina here we come.
All Obama could do is slow it down and get all the blame for the coming depression.
President Palin on the other hand would be perfect, she will get war going with Russia and Iran, and Venezuela and we wont even notice the depression.
What i`ve seen of america the last 8 years deserve Palin for president.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Palin 'pick' was designed to take away Biden's thunder.

The Palin "pick" was designed to focus every man's eye on her T & A and get the focus off of a 80 year old fossil that clinks when he walks.

America always picks T & A over substance.

What would America watch on TV? PBS or "Lost". NatGeo or HGTV?
Science Channel or QVC?

Special trading session opened up for Lehman to get collateral damage out of the way for the bankruptcy scheduled for midnite tonite.

Someone should ask Sarah what she thinks of Lehman's troubles and watch her eyes glaze over. But then again I don't know any friends or family that have a clue that the banks are broke. They are buying trucks and SUV's at firesale.


Yoski said...

"At this point of no return, whoever wrecks the country fastest gets my vote. The sooner the better"
That's about the way I see it. Go McCain!

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown is hotter than Sarah Palin, she should run for President too.

We could debate the benefits of lipstick on a fox to lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment