September 18, 2008

Now that we don't need millions of illegals to build millions of unwanted homes, you don't hear much about this issue anymore, huh?

Where'd they all go by the way?


Karl said...

Here, forty miles north of San Francisco they seem to be just hanging around on corners. Hard to believe since the cost of living is so high.

Afterthought said...

That's like saying we don't hear much about Iraq because the rate of death has gone down.

We still are paying for Iraq and we still are paying for illegal immigration.

That economic cost is subsumed in the broader discussion of the economy.

All these problems are interrelated.

To wit, when barriers between America and the poorer world are lifted, wealth flows from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

In order to maintain our culture (as shitty as it is) we have to beg (Hank Paulson re: China), borrow (China, Arabs, etc.) or steal (Arabs, Russians until Putin).

The world is getting more crowded and YOUNGER, while America gets older.

The conventional military advantage we have is diminishing and our nuclear arsenal is totally useless.

Resources are diminishing and each person's share of those resources are diminishing even more rapidly due to an expanding population.

It's a volatile mix.

Mexico continues to churn out MANY more people than they can support. We are the safety valve. People are pissed. If this thing comes crashing down, we might have Fascism 2.0.

In a strategic "interests-of-state" sense, fascism might be "the answer" for the coming Resource Wars.

"Join a movement that unites people and uses wisdom to solve problems" you say? De facto such a movement requires wisdom in the elite and wisdom in the masses to follow the wise leaders.

Does that sound like America or the world in 2008?

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Now is the time to implement the Illegal alien felon invader Bounty Program of 2008.

Begin with Home Depot/Lowes parking lots and then move to the restaurants kitchens for a good start.

Anonymous said...

We WILL hear about this isssue when the Presidential candidates debate.

If Senator Obama lets John Herbert Hoover McCain off the hook for his illegal alien felon amnesty bill support he deserves to lose.

Time, once and for all for a national roundup.

Lost Cause said...

Kicking the poor workers is the favorite pastime of the republican elite. They will find somebody...count on that.