September 20, 2008

And then John McCain did something amazing. He admitted that Social Security is just one big Ponzi Scheme, and that it is going broke.

"The Social Security system is going to go broke. It will not be there for present day men and women who are working."

- John McCain, the first US presidential candidate from a major party to admit what we've all known was true all along, September 2008


Screwed Pooch said...

"We have to realize that the worst thing we can do is continue to allow these unfunded debts to mount, and to pass on to another generation of Americans a burden that we've imposed on them."

Umm sorry John you are too late, we already did that today...

Hey Kieth....perhaps you should start RetirementPANIC next? The Baby Boomers won't know what hit them...glad I have 30 years. It will be really sad to see folks who expected much more from a governemnt of crooks that stole from them. I tend to lean a little more right...but John isn't the kind of leader we need right now...fuck he was part of the Keating 5...WHY ISN"T ANYONE SAYING THIS! OBAMA NEEDS ONE AD....REMEMBER THESE CROOKS>>>>Cranston, DeConcini, Glenn, Riegle and JOHN FUCKING MCCAIN! If anyone knows about meltdowns, Ponzoi schemes and fraud, it is Johnny Boy. said...

Funny because in 2005 he warned that Fannie and Freddie would collapse but the Democrats filibustered him into silence. Where's that story?

Republicans in 2003 tried the same thing at Bush's request but were also filibustered into silence by the Dems.

I know you'll try to spin all this but the truth is the truth.

You see, the Republicans may have been the majority party in Congress but they weren't the controlling party - not enough to stop Dem filibustering.

Of course the American people have become dumb sheeple who believe the liberal media lies and know nothing of any of this.

Where's the reporting on that?

Interesting that McCain has butted heads with Bush for just about all of his 8 years and the two have never gotten along for that reason, but the blind sheeple stupidly believe that McCain is "Bush III" because that's what CNN (Clinton News Network) and NBC (National Barack Channel) tell them.

Why is Fox constantly called out as biased while NBC, CNN, and the rest of the scoundrels are given a free pass?

Why is it never mentioned here that Obama has gotten millions in contributions from his cronies at Freddie and Fannie? Why is it never mentioned that corrupt Wall Street firms contribute to him 30% more than McCain?

Let's not even talk about how this whole thing started with a stroke of Clinton's pen way back in 1995, who believed that all Americans should be "entitled" to a home loan.

I like you and I like your sites but your irrational rants against McCain and Republicans are even worse than my sensationalist rants against Scottsdale. Credibility here has really disappeared. If you want to rail against McCain, fine, but keep it balanced by countering that with reporting on Obama's record of corruption and enriching himself through public office.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's going broke because George Bush and the Republicans spent the money intended for social security on other things

Afterthought said...

But did he blame himself and his party?

Not every nation on this planet is going broke, why ours?

Not every program to prevent starvation and penury amongst the elderly will fail, why ours?

If socialism is inevitable (it's not, but the alternatives are anarchy, revolution, or fascism)

If socialism is inevitable, isn't the mature thing to do it right?

Not to surreptitiously wish for its destruction? Or "drown it in a bathtub"?

Why not have a sensible regime where the state encourages education and research, the market runs with the new knowledge when it matures, and the state recoups its investment in the form of taxation?

People will rise or fall on their devotion to education and business acumen, but nobody will starve. At a minimum the lowest of the low can have sufficient dignity to mitigate society-harming behavior, which will allow the rest of us to enjoy dazzling wealth with peace and stability.

But I know what you're saying. THAT'S THE SYSTEM WE HAD UP UNTIL GEORGE W. BUSH!


Why did we even think to change it?

And why is this radical experiment described as conservatism?

I really want to make somebody pay for ruining the Greatest Country on Earh.

Anonymous said...

John Herbert Hoover McCain

'I believe the economic fundamentals remain strong'

THIS is THE game changer for 2008.

Yr. Boy McShame is senile and out-of-touch.

He will lose in Nov. by a landslide. It won't even be CLOSE.

Bye BYE, McCain. Take your medicine and go beat your wife some more. You are a loser, not a Hero.

Anonymous said...

and watch Obama denounce him as wrong and an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's going broke because George Bush and the Republicans spent the money intended for social security on other things

True, but so did Clinton (and bush before him). Clinton never had a true budget surplus. His surplus included Social Security tax receipts. If you backed those out clinton always had a budget deficit and a significant one (100s of billions).

Anonymous said...

You say that the Congress was NOT the CONTROLLING party.

They managed to get a VETO PROOF repeal of the Glass Steagall act through for him to sign. VETO PROOF. I bet he wanted to puke when he signed Phil Gramms sneaky bill that caused this mess.

That's not control?

You are WAY off base , man