September 30, 2008

McCain is a disaster. Palin is an idiot and a joke. Put them together, and it truly leaves you dumbfounded and speechless.

The good news? Only a few more weeks of these jokers and then the fall off the stage.

Goodbye. Thanks for playing.


Cheese Louise said...

She even sounds braindead when he's there to help. I hear Biden, to prepare for the debates, is practicing against a potato.

Anonymous said...

God save us from these freaks.

Anonymous said...

About three more days should do it.

Joe Biden will eviscerate her thursday, then Game Over for both of them.


Anonymous said...

Look at her glance.

I think Mooseturd is horney for the elderly senile warmonger?

Can you se it?

Scott said...

What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?


Anonymous said...

Look I am not for MCCAIN OR PALIN. But don't turn Joe Biden into a saint. Joe Biden has took your rights away from declaring Bankruptcy. He is for the credit card companies.
Joe Biden...Sorry I do not like him
His son took a job with a credit card company who lobbied hard for the bankruptcy law to pass.
Joe Biden should have to answer the tough questions as well, I am sorry he has not.
So Obama DID NOT MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION IN BIDEN. I would perfer Hillary as VP any day.
PS Bill Clinton Veto the Bankruptcy law that passed in congress.
Fuck Congress...Vot them out.
Pelosi needs to be fired because she did not impeach Bush.
Please everyone Pelosi needs to go