October 2, 2008

Obama's Senate speech on the bailout

Now that the bill has passed, he needs to call for the arrest of Angelo Mozilo, Michael Perry and the gang of thieves who got us into this mess.

The public is ready for blood.

And blood they better have.


Anonymous said...

epic fail obama!

Anonymous said...

blood? yeah right. you must be referring to Bizarro America where there's actual accountability for the politically connected.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
epic fail obama!"

Keith, maybe moderate the illiterates?

Thank you.

holy crap said...

Is it possible for Bush to issue a Presidential Pardon to the entire REIC?

Wall Street??

Anonymous said...

um,yea right, to , um, expect, um, the democrats to um, put things back, um together, um with um, obama leading them, um is, like, um putting lipstick on a pig and thinking people will buy it! it is still a pig! um.

Anonymous said...

Obama and McCain?

What's the f*cking difference?