October 3, 2008

The good news: Sarah Palin looks like she'll stick around through the election. The bad news? She'll stick around through the election.

And then back to Alaska, after a resounding defeat by a population who finally woke up and saw through the BS.

But thanks for playing.

And thank you John McCain and the Republican Party for endangering America again. Par for the course, since you've already recklessly wrecked America.

Politics above Country. McCain/Palin 2008.

(side note - wasn't she just adorable! It'd be nice if she'd have answered the questions asked, but gosh, she was just soooo cute! Nice job Sarah!)


Anonymous said...

America hates substance

sundry vermin said...

Completion of this bill is holding up is the blame game. Both candidates consider finger pointing a political loser until the fire is put out, to coin a drastically overused phrase.

BUT, hp'ers want the blame game to start and resemble something of a cage fight, so long as the weapons are statements of truth, or at least approximate truth. Propaganda and lies aren't going to teach us (not really US but dim-witted bystanders) what to avoid in the future.

Can't wait to hear ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE!!!!

shultzie said...

Don't confuse her with the facts...

Now please post some more videos with cute cuddly kittens

darn tootin' said...

Good old Joe Biden, you want to like the guy cause he's just so congenial. Like many old folks his memory and stewardship of the facts seems to be fading.

In last night's debate he talked about going to his neighborhood and sitting down at Katy's coffee shop. Now today we learn the place has been closed for years!

LOL - good old Joe, a real competent guy, an agent for change - LOL

consultant said...

I thought Gwen Ifill would do a better job as moderator. She didn't.

From the first question asked, Palin didn't answer the questions. She chose to recite what she was coached on. She might as well have been on stage by herself doing a campaign infomercial.

This wasn't a debate, it was, especially from Palin, a sometimes coherent, often rambling, recitation of campaign talking points.

I think this changed few minds either way.

Bali Girl said...

That winking sh*t was making me crazy last night, what's up with that

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

One thing is clear from the debate:

Biden is the new poster boy for why you should never get botox.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to choose. If Obama wins, he'll soak the rich while the country slowly goes down the drain. It would be fun to watch the rich get it for once.

If McCain wins, he'll croak before the midterms and President Palin will run the US down the drain even faster than Bush. It would be fun to watch the public finally get what they deserve.

The "liberals" will get the blame in either case, of course.

Anonymous said...

That winking sh*t was making me crazy last night, what's up with that


oh man, i thought she was just winking at me, you saw it too? damn.

Anonymous said...

America hates substance


there definitely wasn't much substance last night, on either side.

LibVet said...

Bali Girl said, "That winking sh*t was making me crazy last night, what's up with that?"

She was winking at me. For an old geezer I am pretty good looking. ;)

wc said...

what does it do to the election if she backs out 3 days before and they slip Romney in there? this woman can't possibly make it to the election unless McCain's plan all along was just to make sure Obama got elected.