October 2, 2008

Racism and Religion - brilliantly used by the GOP in the past. Will the 2008 election be the end of that road?

In 2005, the former chairman of the GOP - Ken Mehmlan, apologized for his party's use of racism to win elections. He admitted it, he apologized, and he asked his members to move on.

The GOP hasn't apologized for crassly using religion as a wedge issue in order to win elections. That will come. One day.

The destruction of the GOP is at hand. The 2008 election will show them the door. They'll come back I hope, years later as a reformed party. Or they'll just go away.

But one thing they'll come to understand is that their use of racism and religion in order to distract the American people is over.

The housing crash and economic meltdown finally woke 'em up.

Too bad it had to come to that.


Anonymous said...

Karl Rove was an evil genius

Anonymous said...

as if the dems don't use racism and the dems form of racism is more sinister. They claim to be for the minorities but then use government handouts to keep them suppressed.

consultant said...

"..but then use government handouts to keep them suppressed."

I'm sure the $700 billion will keep rich, white, million and billionaires suppressed.

consultant said...

There have long been 3 defining factors in our society-race, sex and class. Race has been the most powerful factor.

For reasons that most people today don't understand, white Americans established "in" and "out" groups from the earliest stages of our history. Different European groups, different religions, all were considered "out" groups at one point or another. Native Americans were considered an out group for most of our history, until they were effectively reduced as a threat and moved to distant outposts.

Black Americans are the only group where "out" status was so rigidly applied that it seemed a permanent part of the group-our permanent "out" group.

Dividing societies into "in" and "out" groups predates the establishment of our country. Every nation in the world has some form of division where one group is favored over another. It seems to be part of the human condition.

But this is why we have civilization and education and growth. "In" and "out" groups are not predetermined, WE make the choices as to who gets ahead and who is left behind.

Just look at who screamed for 2 weeks and is now (if the House votes Yes) going to get $700 billion dollars.

At some point in time the societies have to grow up. Maybe it will take the economic collapse of our country to see that race is important, but in the end, it doesn't matter.

Obama/Biden 08.