October 4, 2008

Too bad that thing called "truth" eventually gets in the way of those people called "liars". Eventually.


Anonymous said...

"The Federal Reserve Corporation"

"Congressman McFadden (excerpted from a speech he delivered in Congress, 1934)"...


JAWS said...

There are more liars than truthies. The liars must drink those energy drinks because they seem to pound, pound, pound us till we either believe them or just give up.
Gore was too docile; so was Kerry; Obama is too nice, he's trying to make sense. He is making sense but I don't have a lot of faith that it'll endure. He keeps addressing the issues tossed at him. Republicans don't do that. They don't address anything. When it's their turn to speak, they say what they have written on the card and it rarely addresses what was asked of them. They have an agenda. Obama just has to stop this nice-guy stuff but, like those before him, he just can't get off it. Who is coaching him anyway - it isn't getting through. As a leader, I have faith in him but as a winner of an election, he needs a real push.

Anonymous said...

Keith I have been reading a lot of hateful things regarding Jews. I am christian and was engaged to a man from Israel. Now I was going to convert at the 5th ave synagogue in nyc. I met with a Rabbi once a week at a local cafe in manhattan. We became friends I will never forget this kind man. We were talking when a woman from Israel aproached us she and the rabbi started fighting. There is a Zionist jew and real orthadox jew....very very conflicted....very different. The hate with zionist that extends to muslims is deep and disturbing. What we have in Iraq is unreal genocide.
Many REAL jews are for peace and they are put in danger when speaking out. They are real jews.
I know my rabbi friend had conflicts with many american jews who did not practice their religion. My Israeli ex-fiance hated muslims and American Jews. I remember how he laughed at Americans Jews saying they were materialistic and not real jews. There is so much conflict in this faith. Just like the Christian faith. We have woman and children who were killed in Iraq..innocent.
Blood is on our hands. We as americans need to step back.
It scared me to death when Sarah Palin said she would always side with Israel...That is a terriable sign. We need Peace.......
The christians radicals don't want it because they beleive Christ will return and the end is near.
The Israelis want blood....
The american jews want power
The orthodox jews want peace they want to practice the religion to the torah.
It is so complicated....
I pray someone like
Barack Obama will bring some sort of light to this mess that we are in.
It ties to Israel...
Look up zionism study it and you will see.

Anonymous said...

After 20 years of service, my job, along with 999 others, will be eliminated before year end.

Our CEO claims a work force reduction is necessary to remain competitive under current economic pressures.

The company will retain the hundreds of supervisors, managers, department heads, directors, vice presidents who produce nothing.

Eliminating 100 managerial jobs would approximate the savings of eliminating 1000 jobs of non-managerial jobs which actually produce something.

I doubt many of the thousand getting kicked to the curb will vote for Grandpa Munster and Caribou Barbie.