October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin. Idiot. A joke. Ignorant. A fool. Ignoramus. Intellectually incurious. Dangerously unqualified. And still McCain's VP choice.


Anonymous said...

Gee, Keith, how do you REALLY feel?

Anonymous said...

I love the way she growled at Katie when she heard that question. Grrrrrrr...(damn this bitch for asking me a tough one..you just know she wanted to smack Katie). She sounded like the bears she hunts in the Alaskan tundra. I hope she growls at the moderator of the debate tonight. Who knows - she may even bring her gun!!

Anonymous said...

Palin is representative of the American stupidity that led to the housing bubble. She would have made a great realtor or appraiser.

Anonymous said...

Barak Obama. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Was that keep my mouth open and my legs closed or my legs open and my mouth closed?

Sarahs out-of-wedlock pregnant teenag daughter to her mother. I guess we know which option she chose. Whats the fathers name, Icabod?

Those wholesome GOP Family Values breaking through again.

GOP: Crooks that Wrecked America

Anonymous said...

Thet better have a metal detector for the candidates at the VP debate as Palin may discover that the only way she gets out alive is by shoting Biden.

Palin vanishes Friday. Bye Bye dipshit. Go be a good mother to your new defective kid. Hell he may grow up to finish at the bottom of his class and be a war hero like John.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Palin is representative of the American stupidity that led to the housing bubble. She would have made a great realtor or appraiser."

There wil be a lot of time for that after tonight.

Mash McCain and Pummel Palin.

Anonymous said...

Well McCain needed somebody to make him look smart and it's worked. All the attacks have been directed at Palin while McCain the dumbest guy on the stage can recklessly run around acting like a "hero" or a "leader".

Anonymous said...

I would have respected McCain if he admited Palin was a mistake....He did not know anything about her..McCain's best chance is to come clean, if he has our best interest at heart.
Folks, Obama is our only hope.
We need to kick Congress and the Senate out of office.
I find it interesting that Bloomberg mayor of ny wants to change our laws so he can run a third term, this is the problem. You have to kick these people out of Washington. Too long in Washington and Greed and coruption takes over.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 2, 2008 1:50 PM

I bet you she don't grunt, sure would like to find out though LOL!

darn tootin' said...

"Folks, Obama is our only hope."

Then we are truly, absolutely, and in the largest possible sense, fu#ked.

If you think this wet behind the ears boy scout will make it very far on the world stage populated by ruthless men like Putin, or that he'll accomplish anything domestically when there are no tax revenues to pay for his giveaways, you need to stop smoking so much rope.

Obama will likely be remembered as the Herbert Hover/Jimmy Carter of 21st century Presidents. A one-term failure.

But, but, but Obama inspires hope in people! OK, shit in one hand and hope in the other, let's see which one fills up first.

consultant said...

I've got nothing. Nothing.

The contempt McCain and the Republican Party showed this country by selecting Palin is beyond compare.

TJ said...

I feel she does not have the capabilities to act as second-in-command of our nation. She does not inspire me to be proud of my country, she cannot recall major legal decisions in her own state, and I don't think she's prepared to deal with the crisis America, and the world faces.

Does anybody else see her neighbor 's (Russia) record military spending posing a threat to our country? I sure hope not, and I hope our next Administration makes international friends, not enemies.

Veronica Lodge said...

RE: "Sarah Palin. Idiot. A joke. Ignorant. A fool. Ignoramus. Intellectually incurious. Dangerously unqualified. And still McCain's VP choice."

Governor Palin, it would appear that you have entered the race before creating a campaign platform.

"Honey, I never wear platforms. A girl could twist her ankle in those things."