September 30, 2008

A Special AmericaPANIC Message to the People of NV, ID, MT, AK, WY, TX, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, MO, AR, LA, MA, AL, GA, FL, SC, TN, KY, WV, IN and OH

Pull your ignorant heads out of your asses.

Look around. Take in the view.

OK. Have you done that yet?


Now, who's been in charge of Congress for six of the past eight years?

Who's controlled the White House and Supreme Court for all eight years?

So, no matter how much you hate those fags and love your jesus, are you satisfied with the results of your 2000 and 2004 votes? Are you better off today than you were eight years ago? Is your town? Is America?

Seriously, for maybe the first time in your life, pull your heads out of your asses.

You killed America.

You got tricked into voting against your own self-interests. You have blood on your hands in Iraq. And you enabled the greatest financial meltdown since the Great Depression. All because you hate those fags and love your jesus.

You were taken for fools.

And you still are.

And it's time for you to pull your heads out of your asses.


Anonymous said...


Why don't YOU pull your head out of your ass, you flaming liberal?

When was the last time you heard Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, or Obama address the root cause of the housing mess? You don't. They skirt the issue with other faults of Bush, but will never admit that their belief that every piece of white trash that could not even read a financial contract, balance a check book or hold a steady job deserved a $400k mortgage. In fact, Barney Frank has said over and over again that last few weeks that he does not want to restrict the ability of poor people to obtain mortgages. What kind of insanity is this?

As many others in this blog (HP) have said over the last year, we need more common sense thinking and less of your kind of simplistic "the Democrats are angles -- the Republicans are monsters" rhetoric.

Noodles said...

Buh, buh, buh Keith... Jesus is my friend:

Screwed Pooch said...

Amen Keith,

Oh wait.....can I say that? You are 100% right, these people voted against their self interests and all they got was gay people not being married.

Did they over turn Roe Wade? NOPE!
Did their Congressmen bend them over and take them for a ride? YUP

And no Republican's aren't to blame and no Democrats aren't to blame. People are to blame, people who should know better. People who have taken advantage of us at all levels. I will never again vote for either party.

I am done with both Republicans and Democrats....can you please post all the other choices we have? Contrary to common belief, we have other options....just like this bailout.

Now is the time to give them a look!

Anonymous said...

A wise attorney I once worked for said to me: "Never let your principles get in the way of your interests."

I think these red-state Americans need to think carefully about that.

Anonymous said...

Average Hick's Response:

"I ain't votin for none of them neeegros. This is America. You can tell that Muslim lovin Hussein Osama to go back to his terrorist pals in Africa.

Now that Sarah Palin she's a real down to earth hometown gal. I liiiike her."

bitterrenter said...

But ahm white trash and I ain't votin fer no muslim n*gger. Mr. McCain and the sweet little lady he gots is gonna lower mah taxes so I's can go buy me another bass boat.

Uh-yup, that's a what amh gonna do.

Anonymous said...

"A Special AmericaPANIC Message to the People of NV, ID, MT, AK, WY, TX, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, MO, AR, LA, MA, AL, GA, FL, SC, TN, KY, WV, IN and OH"

Note to Assholes above:

Like Bushco-Cheneyburton?

You'll Love Grandpa Munster McCain and Mooseturd Palin.

It's 3 am and we have a crisis. Better wake up President Palin...

Do the Right Thing morons.

Daphne64 said...

Hey Keith,
tone it down a little, would you? In some of those states 49% of the people voted democratic, and your words seem to tar every single resident with the same brush: they voted republican, and only because they hate fags and loved jesus.

Democrats started social security. Democrats started/expanded welfare and medicare, the latter of which made the destruction of the USA inevitable, because it can't be repealed politically, and the cost would eventually drown the country.

The democrats have also brought us a bunch of other stuff, like forced bussing, which destroyed the cities as whites sought out safer/better suburban districts.

Before Reagan, republicans were the more responsible party, financially. Admittedly, the Republicans have lost every shred of credibility they once had, but a lot of that is a structural problem: all the extra money corporations give as campaign donations effectively buys congressmen on both sides of the aisle and the president, whichever party he belongs to.

A hint: when men are depressed, they often don't feel depressed, they just get hostile. Try some antidepressants, and see if you too might start coming up with coherent ideas instead of just ranting.

Cooter John said...

Nah, those red states are peopled by numbskulls. Really. Their idea of a bailout is to toss their dogs in the back of the pickup truck with their kids and run down to the store for more beer. Newspapers? That's just wallpaper fer the outhouse.
Y'all shup now - NASCAR's on!

Anonymous said...

God I love your blogs! You tell it like it is! Great tell em'.