September 29, 2008

Palin. Idiot.


Anonymous said...

Palin, Douche.

Palin will be destroyed and exposed for the fraud the GOP is this week when Sen. Biden decimates her during their 'debate'.

McCain polling numbers will crash alarmingly Friday.

Palin forced to resign in shame.

McCain's campaign will be finished by Friday night just in time for the taping of the Sunday morning talk shows in DC.

Bye Bye Grandpa Munster.

Anonymous said...

Note to Republicans:
Swap Tina Fey in for Sarah Palin on debate night.

Anonymous said...


You are the one being an idiot. Governor Palin is not an idiot, you are being one right now. She may not be a dream candidate with a full grasp of all the issues, but she is a successful woman, wife, mother, business woman, mayor, governor and human being. That doesn't add up to idiot.

I have been following your blog for a year now and appreciate all that you do for your readers, but stop acting like an ass, it is not becoming.

Clean up your act and at least be polite about it. While I don't support Senator Obama, I applaud him for what he has accomplished. As a conservative I can compliment the other person, while disagreeing with him. Why can't you?

not morris said...

Go ahead and lower the expectations fools, you are only digging your own graves. Palin may not be a policy wonk, but she isn't a plastic banana like Obama and Biden. This will come across in the debate when she puts Mr. Hair Club for Men in his place.

Obama got a nice bump in the polls this week - good for him and too bad it won't last. His support outside the big cities in blue states is paper thin and he knows it. That is why his campaign is going nuts trying to tip FL and OH.

keith said...

I'm calling Palin an idiot because that's how I see it. She is not intelligent. Period.

She seems really, really nice. I like her. How could you not.

But unfortunately, she's simply not smart. And we need our presidents to have the mental, logic and critical thinking capacity to make very important decisions. Palin would be dangerously in over her head.

She's therefore dangerous.

There are many super-intelligent and qualified GOP women out there that McCain could have selected. Unfortunately they're not young hotties though.




And now the laughingstock of the world.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong, she is intelligent, maybe not a genius, but smart enough to surround herself with good quality people and qualified to make reasonable decisions based on fact. You think that Senator Obama actually has the intelligence? They are probably equally intelligent, just in different ways.

Governor Palin and Senator McCain if they are able to might actually get this country moving again after they cut spending and get rid of thousands of government employees. We need to cut spending in this country and people need to not look for handouts. It is sickening.

chesty love said...

Unfortunately they're not young hotties though.

Come on Keith. Sarah Palin is relatively better looking than other political women (e.g., HRC). But objectively she is NOT a hottie. Nor young. The models on the runways in Milan or at Victoria's Secret have nothing to fear.

keith said...

Palin is not a hottie by my definition, but by POLITICIAN definition, this former-beauty-contest lady is a hottie.

There are no political hotties. Maybe Yulia Tymoshenko, that's about it.

Politics is hollywood for ugly people.

Palin is a Fox News broadcaster at best.

Afterthought said...

The real problem is the Shadow Government, Palin is merely their most reliable puppet.

Stupid is as stupid votes said...

Keith said...

"Palin is a Fox News broadcaster at best."

And that is where she will be working after she withdraws for family reasons.

Intelligence wise she has proved that she is smart enough to read a teleprompter. Hell she went to college and majored in teleprompter reading. So she is just smart enough to be a talking head on Fox or any other news network. But that is the limit of her intellect.

The hallmark of many people of limited intelligence is that they are reluctant to ask for help fearing that they will look stupid. Intelligent people know first and foremost that they do not know everything and if they are dealing with a problem outside of their area of expertise they will find qualified people who will advise them. Bush did not do this and Palin will not do this. She will like Bush be surrounded by partisan hacks and thugs and appoint people like "Heck of a Job" Brownie.

We have had nearly eight years of rule by one of the popular kids (a cheerleader) do we really want four or more years of rule by by another popular kid (a jock). It must be Bizzarro World because the cheerleader's a dude and the jock is a chick.

As far as Palin "seems nice" that is it exactly she seems nice. We all know women like Sarah Palin and we all know how they react when cornered-petty, vindictive, vicious.

I hope she does not weasel out of the debate with Senator Biden because as she struggles to answer predictable and dumbed down questions regarding the economy or policy her true colors will come out and even President Bush will not have to look deep into her eyes to see the dark anger and hate in her soul.

And before anybody thinks I am being sexist in saying the debate questions will be dumbed down: They won't be dumbed down for Sarah Palin's benefit. They will be dumbed down for the benefit of the American Media who can't cope with any thought longer than a sound bite.

Anonymous said...


You are wrong, GWB is intelligent, maybe not a genius, but smart enough to surround himself with good quality people and qualified to make reasonable decisions based on fact.

Remember This from 2000.

Anonymous said...

>> And we need our presidents to have the mental, logic and critical thinking capacity to make very important decisions.

I agree Keith, but somehow that didn't prevent W from occupying the office for 8 years.