October 1, 2008

AmericaPANIC joins in calling for Gwen Ifill to immediately step aside as moderator for Vice President Debate tomorrow night.

Having Ifill moderate this 'debate', given her pro-Obama book coming out in 2009, is unacceptable, and even if she used good judgment and was 'unbiased', her presence alone would cause viewers to assume bias.

AP calls for her to immediately step down and be replaced, perhaps with Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Christiane Amanpour, or Andrea Mitchell.

America deserves debates with hard-hitting, unbiased moderators.

Ifill is unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, get lost Ifill. Lehrer did a fine job.

Anonymous said...

Replace her with Frank from Scottsdale sucks.

He knows everything and is a genius.

Just ask him.

He is a natural born GOP master.

You know the GOP, The PArty that Wrecked America? Remember them?

Anonymous said...

True dat. Get a real, unbiased journalist. Keith Olberman perhaps? He's apparently a favorite on AP and HP.

Anonymous said...

'hard-hitting, unbiased moderators'

That would exclude most employees of the MSM.

A sign of the times.

Under the Cheney/Bush Kleptocracy, a conflict-of-interest is a measure of commitment to advancing an illicit agenda.

pitter patter said...

Obama needs no help and Ifill moderating would be perceived and spun as such. She's just spouting questions anyway, so it should be no problem to replace her at this late date. I don't want to have to watch John McAin't get all huffy about this.

Afterthought said...

Ralph Nader.

bdrube said...

Andrea Mitchell? Mrs. Alan Greenspan? Are you nuts?

She should instead be interviewing her husband as to why he fucked up the economy.

Anonymous said...

Tom Brokaw?????? He is in for McCain..He needs to be fired. I agree with Christine.
I don't want Gwen either, I agree with you Keith.
The republicans would love for Gwen to be the moderator so they can spin this one.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Mitchell???? Tom Brokaw????? My Goodness Keith what happen to you?

keith said...

You're right on Mitchell - brain fart here, forgot she's married to her grandpa

But I like Brokaw. Right down the middle. Represents a dying generation of true newsmen.

Who then? Who's the best interviewer out there, who is also unbiased, and asks substantive questions (not Mary Hart or Larry King in other words)?

In terms of pure reporting, the best one working anywhere in the world today is Amanpour. Nobody's even close

Anonymous said...

Split it three ways. Get Larry, Curly and Moe to ask the questions.


Find a street gutter bum living out of their pushcart and shitting in the Bushes. That is the Real Face of America in 2008.

America is Dead. Bury the Corpse.

Anonymous said...

Matt Lauer.

c shepard said...

It's a book about the history of black politicians from the 60's to today. It has Obama's name in the title, but that doesn't mean it's pro-Obama. There is 1 chapter scheduled on Obama and it hasn't even been written yet. (Plus what makes you think it's pro-Obama? because she is black too?)

Everyone needs to stop freaking out about everything. Every single newsperson has political beliefs- every one of them. Just because you think you know which way Gwen leans doesn't mean she should be disqualified. She has always done as good a job as any in the MSM (not saying much). You really think Andrea Mitchell or Tom Brokaw (total republican mouth piece) will do any better? They're ALL biased. Stop fooling yourself.

speedingpullet said...


1) for a start, its not news she's writing a book.
Its was reported in the WSJ in JULY, and she still managed to get the gig - and was agreed on by both parties.

2) Its not ALL about Obama, its about the political careers of a number of African American politicians, who came to power after the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton - Obama is one of 4 people proflied.

3) ITS NOT EVEN PUBLISHED YET! 'Due in early 2009' according to Amazon.

4) Did any of you see her in the 2004 debates? Was she 'partial' THEN? Has she endorsed Obama NOW?

5) She fell down some stairs yesterday and broke her ankle, so there's an outside chance she'll bail out anyway, due to being in plaster.

So, have none of you connected the dots on this?

As in - the McCain Campaign is so 'affronted' by this pick, that they pull out of the VP debates in protest?

As in - last minute shock!horror! over the 'suitability' of the adjudicator, let's just scrub the whole thing?


And Keith - I know after your extended stay in my homeland, you've got the whole British Deadpan humour thang down pat, but Tom Brokow?


The guy that had to cross his legs after the criminal '9/11 Tribute' at the RNCC because his woody was showing?

Amanpour? Maybe

bitterrenter said...

Maybe we can bring in Brit Hume.

How is asking questions in a debate going to biased? Besides, this gives the republicans something to harp on when Palin bombs.

You know how those whiny bitches need that.

bitterrenter said...

Perhaps we can get a machine to ask the questions like one of those business answering devices.

"Push 1 for your solution to global warming, push 2 for your position on abortion rights."

Anybody left of Atilla the Hun will be biased to the republican sscum.

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up. Normally I agree with you Keith, but you are off base here. Even in a world with FOX "news", there are still objective journalists out there. She is one of them.