September 19, 2008

Pat Buchanan goes OFF!!! "Capitalist Pigs may have just destroyed an aspect of American capitalism"

Is it just me, or is everyone going HousingPANIC now?

Here's another quote from Pat (you know, a real republican, a true fiscal conservative, unlike the fake ones polluting America today)

"All these innocent people are going down in the ship with the jackass who didn't look out for the iceberg"


Anonymous said...

Ari Fleicher are you kidding me?
Keith isn't this the asshole who defended the white house with the Iraq war? I can't stand him and I am appalled he is on tv today.
Small group of people in Washington..

Anonymous said...

Keith could you post from you tube yes we can music video
It inspires me and my family....
I feel very energize when hearing his speaches. I feel like we could be one nation to fight against coruption and greed.

Am I just dreaming? said...

Pat Buchanan makes a lot of good points but at the end of the day he's an isolationist who opposes free trade, and that my friend is NOT a capitalist.

Natural Eyebrows said...

Buchanan admitted he took a shellacking in Lehman Brothers. That probably contributed to his sense of outrage.

Buchanan has been brilliantly articulate about the Iraq fiasco, but he still went for Bush in 2004, primarily because of social issues.

Buchanan talks a good game on certain issues, is out to lunch on others. He is still unrepentant about about America's Vietnam misadventure, probably because he was in the Nixon administration. Anyone who understands the mistake of the Iraq invasion should be able to draw the parallel with the mistake of the invasion of Vietnam.

Buchanan is right that this is a failure of capitalism. Will he support the creation of a redesigned regulatory environment in the future, to prevent this from happening again? I doubt it. To his credit, Buchanan in his most recent column makes the connection between America's overspending and the limits it will impose on our military adventurism.

Buchanan is a terrific writer. I love the way he uses history to illustrate his points. But he is right only about 30% of the time. Sad that anyone so intelligent could ever have endorsed GWB.

Ari who? said...

Take your medicine, Pat.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about all of you but I'm pissed right the hell off about this whole thing. This isn't going to fix the problem and we are going to see a systemic collapse.

There are between 400-600 TRILLION dollar of derivitives out there. Now you tell me that this scheme by the gov't to rip all us off is going to work. This is complete and utter bullshit.

Also, so now that we own the mortgages can we go and move our happy asses into any house we want? What the hell, we are paying the mortgages and insurance lets pick a house to live in. I think I'll evict some of those oligarchs in the Hamptons. I'm sure some of them have a mortgage.

And, if we bail out these crooks and liars do they still get to foreclose on the houses? That would be sweet huh? They get bailed out AND get to take the house too while the rest of us are out on the street freezing and starving.

This is going to be worse than the Great Depression and I hope you are all preparing yourself. Food and water. That is what you need to survive.

Good Luck.