September 24, 2008

AmericaPANIC Serious Question of the Day

Did America's (namely Florida's and Ohio's) irrational hatred and fear of gay people lead to the housing crash and credit crisis, and eventual meltdown of the world economy?

Connect the dots.

I think Ricky Martin or Ellen Degeneres via Karl Rove might have led to millions losing their homes and trillions in wealth evaporating.

Bonus: Since John McCain isn't playing the 'culture war' card (yet) to drive right wing religious crazies to the polls, does that pave the road to his overwhelming loss?


bitterrenter said...

Well, it was that and the other white trash mentality beliefs.

You know, things like "Liberals want to give all my money to lazy black people".

Anonymous said...

Is this a serious post?

Anonymous said...

Be afraid

keith said...

Dead serious

The GOP (the party of the rich) conned the sheeple of ignorant America into voting against their economic interests so that the GOP, the "party of god", could protect them from the evil gay people who wanted their civil rights.

And it worked. Brilliantly.

And then we know what happened next.

No gay marriage issue to rile up the right wing base, no win for Bush in 2000 or 2004, no housing bubble, no out of control unregulated REIC, no crash.

And that's the way it is.

amigauser said...

The Democrats bought this upon themselves - they offered working class America a choice between gay marriage or Christian values - so working America, choose Christian values

Maybe if the Democrats dumped the GAY rights agenda, and stopped selling policies dreamed up by the gays in San Francisco - maybe they could actually win a election

Gay rights is a policy that people tolerate in economic good times, if we return to a Depression type environment - you can be sure that anyone who does not conform to societal norms is going to in trouble

If you think that their is any difference between the Republicans and Democrats on Economics matters - you have been staying in Europe too long - they are at this moment negotiating how much of that 700 billion will work its way into their pockets - after the election in which 99% will be voted back into power

What odd will you give for the Republicans winning the Presidency/Senate? said...

I guess this is why I like living in Orange County.

People here are fiscally conservative entrepreneurs, many libertarians, gun owners, Ron Paul signs all over the damn place.

But nobody cares about gay marriage, abortion, religion, or many of the other "distraction issues" that have hijacked the GOP.

It's interesting to note Michael Reagan's opinion that his dad would be shunned by the GOP today due to his lack of religious fanaticism.

On this "party of the rich" thing, most ultra-rich like Warren Buffet, George Soros, etc., are democrats, mostly because democrats pretend to "soak the rich" while in reality they always throw in amendments to give the rich more and more tax loopholes.

This keeps the economy from collapsing (because really soaking the rich would do just that), while allowing them to continue class warfare and populism to get elected.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who will vote for the canidate who will overturn the abortion law.
I am not kidding, she could care less about any other issues.
Her husband is a Trooper and she is a teacher. Their salaries are not effected by what is happening...
She voted for Bush twice...
There you go.
I am sure Rove wanted McCaine to go that way...

Anonymous said...


Gay people were not on my mind at all when I voted in 2000 and 2004.

In fact, they are not on my mind at all, ever.

Politicians are of a common morality - none. Unless someone is grossly immoral, it wouldn't enter into my considerations when voting.

As far as market cycles, they happen independent of politics. It could be argued that Clinton caused the stock bubble, which created empty wealth that went into housing. But all I see are market cycles, booms and busts. I think speculating on a single issue causing a bunch of problems is easy, if not reckless.

Anonymous said...

Religion breeds ignorance, bigotry, and terrorism. The GOP depends on the ignorance of the religious nuts down south. That's why they oppose science. The best antidote for religion is education and the rich know that. That's why they like "school choice".

Too bad the South failed to secede from the North. The result is the North would be like Canada and the South would have ended up like a Christian version of Iran.

Anonymous said...

" said... I guess this is why I like living in Orange County."

Thankfully. A perfect place for a genius.

Anonymous said...

The result is the North would be like Canada


you mean 90 would live 10 miles from the border with the south?

i guess I don't see a whole lot of difference between the north and Canada. Oh wait, Canada has free health care for all, you just have to wait 6 to 12 months to get it.

tater said...

Anon 11:10 said: Too bad the South failed to secede from the North. The result is the North would be like Canada and the South would have ended up like a Christian version of Iran.

You know, Keith, I can respect someone's right to post, but this one tops 'em all for stupidity.

We've got the same type down South that's doing the same thing but with a different outlook- They're wanting to be a separate country from the North. They're just like this poster - uneducated and/or just plain, hatefully stupid.

If you want to be like a Canadian, then stay up North. While you're at it, pick up your gun, and run off them rebels from your perfect "North". You wouldn't want anybody that doesn't fit your social mold, to live within your finite borders. Enjoy your Utopia up there. But, don't look too hard, or you might see Canada for what it is: a frozen wasteland.
Got ice cream?

Man, Keith you're really bring 'em out of the backwoods on this one. And, I must say that I agree with the VAST majority of your threads, but I think that this one is bordering on paranoia, bud. Then again, you may want to ban me, cuz I am from the SOUTH. LOL