September 21, 2008

Wonk Alert: Paulson and Bloomberg on Meet the Press


Afterthought said...

I think it bears repeating.

You're doing a great job Keith, I salute you.

Trish said...

You know what? I am sick and tired of these lying idiots. I wouldn't bet against the American people either.

I WOULD bet against these damn Oligarchs that got us into this mess. These people have been lying since the beginning of this. Our economy IS NOT strong. We are heading for big big trouble.

Illiquid mortgage assests = derivitives. Most experts agree that there are between 400-600 TRILLION of these things floating around! How is the taxpayer going to fix that?

They are going to inflate our money away. Watch!

This is insane and I still say, as I said in a previous post....If I own the mortgages and pay the insurance now, I want one of the houses in the Hamptons. I'm paying for it....they caused this....lets take them.

They are taking everything we own, why can't we take what they own? My friend went for a walk friday after work. She was waiting for her son to get off work. She was walking over the freeway and on the other side, in the ditch, she saw two tents. One for the parents and one for the kids. And yes, she saw the family down there. Left with NOTHING. I'm sure they would love a house in the Hamptons. They are now homeless and paying for other people's mortgages. I'm sure the father is still working...they had food, etc.

I'm kidding of course but some people won't be.

You want to hear what is going to happen next? Go listen to someone who is telling the truth. Ravi Batra, who is another one that has been right on about all this, was on the Thom Hartman show on friday Sept 19th. He was on during hour 2for the whole hour. Go listen...and then you tell me if this plan by the gov't will work.


Fill in the http. Good Luck we are all going to need it.

bali Girl said...

Keith I'm sorry but I don't follow the whole derivatives issue many are saying is coming down the road. Can you post a link to real laymen's understanding of it?