September 21, 2008

AmericaPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

If a Democrat were President right now, and wanted $1 trillion plus of taxpayer funds to bail out banks and failed housing gamblers, after spending $1 trillion plus on an elective foreign war, what do you think the Republicans would have to say?

(hint - it wouldn't be pretty)


Anonymous said...

"what do you think the Republicans would have to say?"

They would say, and you can quote me on this:

What's in it for ME?

That's what.

America is Dead.
Joe Six Pack is Fucked, broke and soon to be destitute.


Anonymous said...

Halliburton to be a prime no bid contractor. Send commission check to Dick Cheneyburton c/o White House, Wash. DC.

Anonymous said...

"after spending $1 trillion plus on an elective foreign war"

The 'war' issue has been effectively sidelined by this GOP-engineered financial "crisis" - these crooks are exceptionally adept at distracting attention from politically 'sensitive' subjects.

keith said...

Picture a President Obama asking Congress for $1 billion for anything

The GOP would be up in arms

Yet right now, not a peep.

Little nazis following a failing party to the death.

I'm looking forward to the New GOP in 2012 or 2016. Limited Government. Limited Spending. Pro personal freedom. Separation of church and state. Pro environment.

Because the current GOP is dead. Like I've never seen a political party dead.

And in a two-party system, that's dangerous.

Anonymous said...

AmericaPANIC - Picking up the pieces after the Republicans wrecked America.

That sums up our situation nicely.

Maybe TOO nicely...

How about: Cleaning up the Wretched Excesses of a Greed-Fueled Crime Spree by the neoCONNED Republican Party.

Too wordy??

bitterrenter said...

No doubt in my mind that republicans would be calling for rounding up democrats.

Democrats are weak, timid, walking disappointments. They should be placing full page ads blaming the republicans, whipping the people into a frenzy of hatred and disgust like the republicans did to the dems in the 80s.

Since republicans love violence so much I would give the people a reason to give them some.

Anonymous said...

yea but you know what? I don't hear the democrats complaining about the Trillion dollar bailout.

consultant said...

There would be 14 assassination attempts each week.

steely damn said...

Well, Lyndon Johnson got away with it in 1964. He did the guns and butter thing with his escalation of the war in Vietnam and a simultaneous Great Society spending spree. Didn't work then and it's not working now. said...

Just wait until Obama has free reign with a Democrat Congress. Well for 2 years anyway - 1994 Part II will occur in 2010.

This dude wants to send nearly ONE TRILLION to Africa for humanitarian aid (for people who live in huts and have no ambition to build anything).

Ragnar Danneskjold, anyone?

Lost Cause said...

Frank -- you are so full of shit. How do you not know that everyone knows this? Your buddy George W. Bush is already funneling billions to Africa. He wants to give a trillion to rich investment bankers. Why speculate about Obama, when we have it all in black and white about what the republicans are doing? Do you think that the people on this board are the same ignorant fools who drink coffee with you in your racist Obama bashing sessions at the rich republican inbreeding clubs? YOU suck. Sorry to get so personal, but you should know better.

Frank Sucks Scottsdale said...

Lost Cause,
Don't be too hard on Retard Frank. He can only see black cause his head's so far up his ass.

Too many idiots... said...

" said... Just wait until Obama has free reign with a....."

Brain Damage. Too much sun.

bitterrenter said...

But, but, Obama is BLACK! His wife and pastor are black supremicists! He's going to take all my money and give it to the n*ggers!

That's the thought on the minds of 75-80% of this white trash-dominated culture.

We liberals often give too much credit to the people of this cesspool culture. Big mistake.

James V said...

Frank: way to keep your eye on the ball! said...

I guess everyone forgot about Clinton's first two years in office. He jacked tax rates, passed gun control laws, and in outrage, the American people fired all the Dems from Congress, effectively tying BJ's hands for the rest of his two terms.

You all saw what a one-party system did for us under Bush and Republicans in both houses. Does anyone actually believe that having an Obama presidency with Dems in both houses won't be worse? Jimmy Carter, anyone?


Bali Girl said... said...

This dude wants to send nearly ONE TRILLION to Africa for humanitarian aid (for people who live in huts and have no ambition to build anything).

Frank, this one astoundingly dumb, mindless comment really blows any credibility your opinions might have. Is this your attempt at being funny or do you really believe it? If you do man, I really, really feel sorry for you 'cause you're beyond clueless about the slightest reality over there.

FYI: a lot of those 'guys in huts', even the poorest ones, stay current on American politics, even about McCain's voting record from intently listening to news on their little $2 USD transistor radios - and the one's who could get into town sent me emails of shock and condolences when 9-11 happened. Go out and travel a little, fella.

Anonymous said...

bali girl, so because you got some e-mails we should send a trillion dollars over to Africa? Or is it because they listen to the radio and have some awareness of our politics?

I'm trying to figure out how you are justifying the proposition to send money to Africa and so far have "feelings, nothing more than feelings...."

Anonymous said...

You're right, that really is a "stupid question" of the day.

Who cares? That game goes both ways. It's gone both ways for millenia. Get over it. You live in mediocre times, but think it's somehow special. Personally, I think you waste a lot of energy on things you can't do anything about. Any your blog has no influence, so why bother?