September 24, 2008

Here's Michael Moore's new film "Slacker Uprising" - yours for free on and today.

Say what you will about Moore, an unabashed leftie, he's entertaining, he's passionate, and in many ways in regards to Bush and Iraq, he's been spot-on. His latest film - Slacker Uprising - is some good raw meat from the 2004 race. Good to remind the nation how bad it screwed the pooch in that election too. Even though John Kerry was a god awful candidate too.

More directors and studios need to do this - release old movies and documentaries online for free (or for tips). Cheers to Moore for understanding marketing, and the power of the internet. Unlike McCain and Bush who don't use these crazy computers and googles and blogs and internets thingys.

Enjoy the film - you can download it here.


Smiley said...

Even though I'm not an American, I've enjoyed Michael Moore's insight and humor in books such as "Stupid White Men" and "Dude Where's My Country". And he makes pretty good movies too. Michael Moore is one smart dude and he isn't afraid of the thugish threats of the pro-big business, pro-war conservatives or democrats. A gentle but strong liberal.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Michael Moore.....
Love him.....
He like you Keith tried to warn us speak out.
Michael has put his life on the line (death threats from our own government, they threatened with jail.)
Michael you rock...
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

YOu know when you Kick Michael you are kicking all Americans. He is what working americans are about. He gets it.
Michael we love you.

Anonymous said...

I like Michael Moore very much, however, this film sucks.

Unless you like watching crowds cheer and Mike be whisked from here to there to me there is no message in this one. Bushco and Cheneyburton should have been pummeled along with Grandpa Munster McCain and Mooseburger.

I hope I am wrong and don't Get It, but I wouldn't watch it again, something I ususally do with good material.

Sorry Mike. Bummer.

keith said...

I went to his speech in 2004 before the prez debate in Az. Great red meat, but very very very left wing.

I like Moore though. Entertaining, passionate, speaks truth to power, fights for the little guy. He's genuine whether you agree with him or not.

Not many I can say that about.

He should lay off the twinkies though. He's getting huge.