September 27, 2008

Jack Cafferty: "There's a reason the McCain campaign keeps Sarah Palin away from the press". She's an idiot. Call it by its name folks. Idiot.

Here's the idiot, in all her splendor. Remembering all the talking points that McCain's monkeys want her to say. Without saying anything. Without an original thought. Because, she simply is an idiot.

Nice lady. Sweet. But an idiot.

This joke needs to end. This is serious business. The future of the world is at hand. This is not the time for (more) idiots.

* for an extra added treat, after Couric asks Palin the question, and The Idiot starts talking, start the Miss South Carolina video at the same time. Enjoy. And be afraid. Be very afraid.


Smiley said...

It doesn't matter with the republicans. They've had an illiterate out front for the last eight years and they've still managed to win elections. Infact, if you look at the last three GOP presidents, you could quite easily say that GHW Bush was the only one who was not metally handicaped in some way (other than his extreme right-wing views).

Ronald Reagan was probably suffering from dementia for most of his presidency. GW Bush is a dyslexic who fried his brain with alcohol.

But maybe that was the plan all along. Run a shadow government, and have a muppet out front to take the blame.

tom12008 said...

Yep, you got it right. Whom would most people rather have a beer with or sit next to in church? The irony is that "folksy" Bush concentrated far more power in the presidency than any of his more erudite predecessors. Now, the play of simlacra and simulation continues as the relatively stoic, salt-of-the earth Obama gets called "elitist" while the fabulously wealthy, well-connected McCains supposedly have "the common touch " needed to connect with "redneck voters". WTF is this?

tom12008 said...

Another thing: it's a bad sign when having an even temperament and not throwing temper tantrums non-issues is a character flaw. Passion is good; moodiness, not so much. As for dementia and mood swings, well...........remember the video of a song called "Land of Confusion"?

Malcolm said...

She reminds me of the Peter Sellers character in the Movie "Being There". When the Soviet ambassador, when discussing foreign policy, said "we are not too far apart", he said: "Yes, our chairs are almost touching".

Here's a comparison:

Malcolm said...

You know... the press have their own way of sticking it to the people who stick it to them.

Wouldn't be a hoot if, when she finally does come out and face the press, one of them asked her "why do you think so many americans have a problem spotting the US on a map?"

I'd pay money to any reporter ballsy enough to do that.

Anonymous said...

Both Palin and especially Miss South Carolina would make great Realtors!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a full transcript of the Katie Couric, but I'm afraid my IQ will drop a few points.

Palin is a zombie, but what if indeed McCain became president and kicked the bucket on the second.

I live 10 miles away from Wall St. so I'm an expert on the stock market and like the rest of the stuff that umm goes on there.

Anonymous said...

and she also says nucular

Lost Cause said...

The bailout is for job creation? I guess you can hire a lot of maids and household servants with 700 billion dollars.

Anonymous said...

"She's an idiot."

An ambitious idiot.

They're the worst kind of idiots.

Like Dubya.

justthefacts said...

"and she also says nucular"


usage Though disapproved of by many, pronunciations ending in \\-kyə-lər\\ have been found in widespread use among educated speakers including scientists, lawyers, professors, congressmen, United States cabinet members, and at least two United States presidents and one vice president. While most common in the United States, these pronunciations have also been heard from British and Canadian speakers.

suomynonA said...

I did it Keith. I played both answers at the same time. That was the best thing I've seen since The Wizard of Oz + Dark Side of the moon... :-)