September 27, 2008

When the history is written about the downfall of the Republican Party, will the pick of Sarah Palin (Idiot) as VP be seen as the very bottom?

It wasn't the pick that was the death of the GOP. Even though the pick was a colossal, dangerous blunder.

No, it was the lock-step, brainless embrace by the right wing die-hards that was the death blow.

If the adults in the GOP had stood up to a patently unqualified idiot as their #2, like they had rightly stood against Bush's stupid pick of Harriet Miers, then the recovery of the GOP could have begun that day. Throw McCain and his pick overboard, and start over.

There were a couple of voices on the right who stood against the pick, but not many. No, like good little Nazis, they got in a nice tight little line. And they jumped. Right off the cliff.

So 2008 will be seen as the year the Republican Party died. They controlled the entire government just a few short months ago - the Presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court.

And then they lost it all.

There is good news in this - Democracy works. Democracy is beautiful. Democracy roots out the incompetent and the corrupt. Democracy is ugly. But Democracy works.

So goodbye Sarah Palin. Goodbye Karl Rove. Goodbye George Bush and Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez and John McCain and Donald Rumsfield. Goodbye Republican Party (in its present form).

Goodbye, and good riddance.


SeattleMoose said...

If they think the only criteria is breasts then why don't they just sew tits onto Hannity?

Or pick Ann Coulter? Or Paris Hilton? Or the "Lion Face Woman"?

Are women in America falling for this????

Anonymous said...

They controlled the entire government just a few short months ago - the Presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court.


uh, a few short months ago? what dimension do you live in? it was almost 24 months ago when that was the case.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you apply the same standard to Biden (idiot, multi-gaffe prone, unqualified, plagarist, liar).

Oh, I know. Because Biden has a PENIS. This makes every other dis-qualifier pale in comparison.

You think the right marches in lock-step? Well, you are wrong. If that were so, then they would have backed McCain without question.

The problem is, McCain was NOT the rights' choice and does not have their support - even after nominating Palin. The right is cynical, especially after supporting Bush, who pretended to be an evangelical Christian.

Turns out, he lied.

So, why didn't your guy choose Hillary, obviously the best choice he could have made for VP? Oh yeah, I remember, she doesn't have a PENIS.

It doesn't matter what you SAY, I know what you leftists think. A woman, no matter what office or achievements she has in her background, is not qualified to be VP or PRES of the USA because she is anatomically deficient.

That is why you think a man who was a former social worker and now junior senator from Illinois is more qualified to be president than a woman who is GOVERNOR of Alaska is qualified to be VP.

Let's face it. BOTH parties are at the bottom. We have picked the most mediocre candidates possible. None of us, left or right, are very happy about the choices we have in November. I fear this is

Joe6pack's wife