September 22, 2008

McCain, deciding to scorch the earth on his way to defeat, puts out one of the most desperate and cynical political ads of all time

You know, John Wayne Gacy, one of the biggest mass murderers of all time, was from Chicago. Obama is from Chicago. So, Obama supports mass murder. He also supports gay clowns.

I'm John McCain, and I approve this message.

McCain folks is looking more and more desperate every day. But I have a feeling it's not him. It's someone over him. Like invasion of the body snatchers. Something's happened to John McCain. They got to him.


Anonymous said...

McCain is sending out mixed messages to the GOP base.

The majority of the Republican 'base' has become more and more leery of the evil neoCON influence over the GOP.

Therefore, his 'strategists' have resorted to this schizophrenic marketing of McCain/Palin to keep all the sheep herded together, albeit confused and disoriented.

It won't work, but deception is their friend.

Anonymous said...

John 'the fundamentals are sound' Herbert Hoover McCain (the one that vowed a clean and dignified campaign = LIAR) under the spell of the Rove Doctrine. The old senile warmonger is doomed.

McCain loses by a historic landslide Nov 4th.

Back to beating your wife.


Anonymous said...

"gay clowns"

Flashback to Bebe ReBOZO - but he was married, wasn't he??

Geez, the GOP's got more hang-ups than a walk-in closet...

consultant said...


Please excuse my curse words, but what the fuck!

We've entered the Matrix, the Land of Oz, Final Fantasy, hell, I don't know where we are.

All I know is this must be when the center no longer holds and societies fall apart. That "thing" you feel in your stomach, that's what that is.

Technically it's called anomie. From street level it might be called fucked up if we didn't have so many completely, utterly gutless, spoon fed, pampered, distracted, worthless, clueless pieces of shit standing around talking about weekend sports instead of the theft of America.

I hope my wife and I can make pass all the happy fools as we head out of the country before all of this shit collapses in a hellstorm of violent recriminations and scapegoating.

consultant said...

It's times like this I think about my father who is no longer alive. He left college to join the Marines to fight in the Marianas and at Tarawa. He had friends see action and die at Iwo Jima and Okinawa, just so it all could come down to this.

A bunch of sorry shepple, led by one of the most useless, pathetic pimps every put before what use to be a democratic nation. Corporate gangsters bankrupting the nation while being protected by their bought and paid for government employees. We have dropped so far so fast-freefall.

No protests in the streets, not even a lot of throw the g##damned computer out the window stuff. I'm glad he didn't live to see this. It would have given him a heart attack. What the fuck.

I think the real problem for most people is they believe, oh how they believe, someone will step in and save America (not talking about Obama either). Americans deeply believe someone will ALWAYS step in and save America. So don't worry, someone will say, "I Got This" and we'll all be okay.

We are so screwed.

Anonymous said...

Everything in the ad is true. Unless Obama's camp responds, I'd score a hit for McCain in this round. What's the matter pony-tails, got some blood running from a nostril? This ain't beanbag. Don't faint on us LOL.

keith said...

Obama has as much connection to the Gov. of Illinois as Sarah Palin has to Ted Stevens.

Oh, wait, oops, my bad. Sarah Palin ran Ted Stevens PAC

Oops. said...

Well, it *IS* all true....

Truth hurts?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Obama's campaign should pay more attention to what governor Blagojevich says:

"[Gov. Rod] Blagojevich, who supports favorite son U.S. Sen. Barack Obama for president, today criticized Democrats for belittling the experience of Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and took a jab at the work of legislators who run for executive positions…

Blagojevich, who said he spent two summers after high school working on the Alaska pipeline, readily defended the executive experience that governors have in contrast to legislators when it comes to being presidential material.

'I would hope the Democrats wouldn’t say that about a governor,' Blagojevich, a former state legislator and congressman, told [radio host Spike] O’Dell of criticism that the first-term Palin lacks experience.

'The reality is, governors every day have to make decisions for better or for worse. That’s part of the job. It’s an executive position. And it’s a position that is like what you’re going to do when you’re president. Legislators, they do different things. They debate and they pass their bills back and forth,' he said.

'But governors make decisions, and I think it’s a tactical mistake for the Democrats to question Gov. Palin’s experience when she’s been a governor of a state,' he said. 'I don’t think the size of the state is relevant. It’s the kinds of decisions you have to make as governor. They (Democrats) should focus on the issues and why the policies of President Bush ought to be changed and I think that’s what will help Obama win.'"

BTW, has anyone noticed the size of the crowds Palin is drawing? The Secret Service had to cancel a Palin event in California because they didn't have enough staff to do the prep work and run a security detail for the expected crowd of 50K+.

Yeah, poor John McCain, he's goin' down in flames LOL.

consultant said...

"Yeah, Obama's campaign should pay more attention to what governor Blagojevich says:"

You are a real idiot. You are one of THE reasons why we've had to live through 8 years of your choice for President-George Bush. A man whose ignorance is surpassed only by those who voted for him.

You kept drinking the kool-aid, now you're smoking McCain crack and hooked on Palin meth. You are believing anything Johnny McCain says. McCain says he popped your wife last night and you believe him. Even though she was right there next to you all night. What a bunch of clueless, worthless rejects.

Your guy and The Republican Party have destroyed America, but there you sit, fingers twitching, ready to double down and back Johnny McCain, and the Party that destroyed America.

You are the scary people. Do you have horns?

Anonymous said...

The guilty, shameless hypocrites, The Keating Five =



Bushco, Cheneyburton, McCain = GOP

Agent 99 said...

Dear Consultant,
Funny you should mention your father. I've been thinking about my dad, too. He was gathered some years ago. He was in the Army and fought in Italy, Germany and France. He helped liberate concentration camps. He was a tough guy, but he really didn't talk about it much. His father fled Russia in the early 1900's after a stint in the Czar's army. We, Americans, all have stories of our parents, grand parents, great grand parents...
I feel their voices inside me. They are screaming. Is it the "time to leave" voice that they heard?

Anyone know anything about Nova Scotia?

Anonymous said...


Imagine the surprise if your dad had said, "yeah, well" and shown no outrage at all?

You think things are falling apart and falling apart quickly. Get some perspective, eh? That will help you get a grip, which should be next on your list.

I think if anything your old man would be ashamed that he raised his kid to be such a whiner.