September 24, 2008

Aw! Isn't this just SO CUTE!!! Sarah Palin takes a field trip to New York (the Big City!!) and gets her picture taken with a REAL WORLD LEADER!!!!

From not having a passport a few months ago to meeting the president of some country called Afghan Rug or something like that from somewhere over there somewhere I don't know where.

The McCain campaign is a joke. And I'm beginning to think they know that now too.

But she sure is cute and cuddly!! And it's so cute when the kids play dress-up, or eat at the adults' table!

She probably talked about mooseburger recipes, and Karzai probably told her (for the first time) about opium.

As the world again laughed at America.

Too bad it's not funny.


Anonymous said...

Keith's comments capture this whole damn farce so perfectly...what's left to say. (Maybe tweak the headline to read: "...and gets her picture took with a one of them-there world leader types.")

Noodles said...

Well, at least after the campaign, and after the mad as hell Alaskans impeach her, she can have a job as a newsbimbette on Fox.

PTA Mom on the loose said...

Can we look any more SHALLOW to the rest of the world??
OMG - the hockey mom promoted from the PTA of Mooseshit, Alaska to the world stage. How embarrassing.
But, hey, we are Ameri-CAN-s! We can do anything! We can take a balanced budget and somehow drive it into a ditch!
Finally maybe we should admit that NO - we really can't do anything just by saying we can. What hubris. Reality bites.

Anonymous said...

If she keeps doing the "Sharon Stone fanny flash" she'll do just fine with those big world leaders.

Anonymous said...

McCain-Palin loses 40 states in November in tragic humiliating loss giving the world yet another example of Americas stupidity.

We deserve to be poor.

Anonymous said...

Whirlwind Photo-op Diplomacy Trip?

What a Concept!

A Crash Course in Foreign Policy!

What a Campaign Coup for the GOP!

Sheer Rovian Genius!

Anonymous said...

Naw, Sarah probably told Karzai to ditch the opium business and get into crystal meth. No pesky plants that have to be tended to for months. Just cook up a batch in a couple of hours.