September 27, 2008

Here's John McCain in 2002, making the worst foreign policy decision in the history of the United States

Here's McCain in 2002, getting it terribly, horrifically wrong. Before hundreds of billions were wasted. Before tens of thousands of innocents would die. Before the world lost respect for the United States.

And here's Obama in 2002, getting it right. Period.


Lost Cause said...

I like the way that John McCain flips everybody off at the start of his assembleage of buzz words.

jfp said...

I guess you finally got me to your new blog. As for my opinion on this stuff: I don't think it matters. As a nation we've survived on marketing for the past few decades. Marketing may be a powerful tool, but in the end it's just creative bullshitting. When bullshit is pit against reality, reality wins every time. Let's all get ready to enjoy the reality of not being the nation with the most worldwide influence.

Anonymous said...