September 23, 2008

By the time he leaves office, George Bush and the GOP will have saddled the American taxpayer's children with over $5 trillion more in debt.

This is unethical.

This is immoral.

This is un-Christian.

This is shameful.

This is wrong. Deeply, deeply wrong.

And yet, millions of American still support this idiot, and his party.

Millions of Americans are themselves unethical, immoral, un-Christian and shameful. And wrong.

You know who you are.

You disgust me.

And you'll disgust future generations to come.

History will not be kind.


Anonymous said...

Most American's are completely unaware of how corrupt and ethically bankrupt the Bush Clan really is.

It's not just incompetence we are seeing. It is a complete disregard for anything but profit, an arrogant elitism and fascist tendencies that is generations deep in the Bush family.

How many of you know about Prescott Bush? The Bush family patriarch who supported the Nazis by financing and profiting through Silesian Steel Company which built the Nazi war machine? Did you know that Prescott was charged under the Trading with the Enemy Act? Did you know that Prescott and buddies attempted to stage a coup right here in the USA back in the 30s using the famous General Smedley Butler who exposed their plot in Congressional Hearings? This isn't fantasy land. It's all part of the Congressional Record:

Dubya's Grand-daddy Prescott Bush and His Attempt To Stage a Fascist Coup in the USA

Of course, Dubya has continued the proud tradition of destroying the Constitution and profiting from war.

When will you people wake the hell up already and realize that you are not in control? The elites are in control and always have been. Bush is no freaking cowboy from Texas you dumbsh*ts!! He doesn't give a damn about you or America. His whole image is carefully crafted propaganda by Karl Rove.

Noodles said...

But Obama's uppity! And Palin's down home country goodness! And McCain's a Maverick! Nothing else matters, didn't you know that? Jeez.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Family history of Bush, read about it. Not a very nice and certainly not Christian Family.
Bush don't let the door kick you on the way out.
What shocks me is how many Americans loved him. I never liked him from day one. His Father, I never liked him. Anyone head of CIA how can you trust him. A man who was vice president who controlled the White house when Reagan was shot....Wow your VP was head of CIA and you are shot now he is running the White House.
Bush no more. One thing shocks me Keith, I was watching Joe Scarborough who was just recently praising Jeb Bush and clearly said "Jeb should be running for President" Are you Fucking Kidding me, is this what they have plan in the future?
Another Bush?
Fucking scary Family.....
Adams Bush Family.

Anonymous said...

Bush are satanist. I am telling you what a corrupted evil family. Look at the family history...
Sorry but It does exist.
If I never see another Bush in office I will be happy.
You have some Americans who are deeply disturbed and love this family.

Anonymous said...

Read about Bush and Amero...He was actually trying to do this to America. What Hated and abuse of Power this family has for America.

Anonymous said...

History will not be kind to the Bush Family. I suspect when the Bush Sr. passes away at 115 years old the stories will come out.

Anonymous said...

Investigate Bushco, Cheneyburton, Paulson and the bearded one Bernanke. Rage against Greedspan and his ugly wife too.

They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Vote for McCain for dog catcher of Phoenix.

It will be the first honest work they ever did...

Anonymous said...

My question is: Will Congress/Bush pass a CR by the end of September so that I and thousands of others can report on October 1 to work? Should I be concerned as to whether government jobs are safe when I see others losing theirs to this economic crisis? Any thoughts?


Banana Republicrat said...

Don't worry, by the time our kids are working 5 trildo won't buy a pound of sugar!

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget that Prescott Bush, in addition to being a fascist, was a also a grave robber. Seriously!

consultant said...

The supporters of Bush and Johnny McCain don't really seem to care. They don't.

I'm mad as hell at Dodd and Frank and all the other Democrats who want to "bargain" for help for other sectors and people who are about to lose their homes.

Let's be clear. The Republicans have been driving this argument for deregulation for 40 years. Like a pimp drives his whore. And they've had the power most of that time. They've been enabled by a bunch of toothless Democrat school boys.

The Republicans won that argument and we see the results. What use to be the Republican Party is now a vehicle for corporate terrorists and religious fanatics.

What Paulson, Bush and McCain (oh yes, McCain wants this like he wants Sarah Palin) are doing is no different than what the hijackers did on 9/11.

Bush, Paulson, McCain, the Republican Party, with help from some stupid, gutless Democrats, are trying to back a bus over witless, distracted, who gives a fuck Americans.

What are the chances they will succeed?

Anonymous said...

wait a sec, i thought it was congress who approved the budget and then passed it to the president to sign? or does the president simply create the budget and implements it without congressional approval?

Isn't congress actually responsible for the budget?

Anonymous said...

all those numbers are a lie anyway. The numbers are artificially low because they include the social security surplus for that year.

Well, at least the numbers for the years when they implemented that accounting trick. something like from 1992 on. or was it 88?

Anonymous said...

I am pissed that when the democrats were in control of congress they did nothing to restrain the spending. They could have and they didn't. They simply piled on because they felt (correctly) that their spending increases would not be noticed and the republican president would catch the blame.

Anonymous said...

hey Keith:

you need to change the title of your blog to:

AmericaPANIC: Picking Up the Pieces After the Republicans Wrecked America and the Democrats stood by and let it happen.

Anonymous said...

hey Keith:

(and the Democrats stood around with their thumbs up their asses and let it happen...)

Love it.

Anonymous said...

What is the solution to keep this stuff from happening in the future?

Is is due to lobbyists influence? Is it because we have elected idiots?


The lobbyist problem can be fixed. I am not so sure about the idiot problem.

Would raising the salary of our law makers increase the competition for jobs and therefore increase the quality?

Perhaps it requires a ground up, long term solution like revamping public education curriculum so that instills a better sense of duty to country and how our country operates.

If we raised the pay for members of congress to 800k per year I think we would see a dramatic improvement in the quality of individual that runs for office.

You shouldn't have to be wealthy in order to afford to be a member of congress.

I am grasping at straws here but it seems like there is a larger fundamental problem and things like the current economic crisis are only a symptom of that problem.

Anonymous said...

Voodoo Bushonomics

Trickle-Down Debt

Impeachment "off the table"

Neo-Conned AGAIN!

Daphne64 said...

You apparantly have just realized the USA is doomed, thus the anger.

It was LBJ (a democrat) that set up medicare, the benefit that ensured the US would eventually have to hyperinflate.

We've been doomed for 40 years. I have known that for at least 20 of my 44 years, and I suspected it much earlier, in the Carter administration.

This bailout will not make that much difference, except that the scum bankers will be able to skip out and buy their getaways before the dollar is toast.