September 27, 2008

By the way, even Sean Hannity would likely agree, John McCain hates America. He's a secret muslim. He hates the troops. Proof? No flag lapel pin.

Remember the BS issue of all right wing idiot distraction BS issues a few months back, that Obama wasn't wearing his mandatory flag lapel pin?

Well, I guess McCain didn't get the memo.

It actually saddens me to see Obama conform and put the damn pin on. And I like that McCain doesn't feel the need to wear the pledge pin of false patriots.

But I'd like to see what the idiots and hypocrites who were going off on this issue a few months ago have to say now.


Anonymous said...

Sean Hannity loves the troops?


Sean Hannity LOVES being a CHICKENHAWK.

Sean Hannity LOVES huge Pentagon budgets.

Sean Hannity LOVES getting PAID by the MIC to PROMOTE 'wars' where OTHER PEOPLE PAY WITH THEIR LIVES.

Sean Hannity isn't even a PIMPLE on the ASS of ANY soldier.

Malcolm said...

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that.

Kind of like how they spent months on the "wright issue", yet almost no one is talking about the witch-doctor-attacking preecher of a certain female VP candidate.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Keith. How darest you pick on the senator from Arizona? How darest thou question a man vetted by that holy oracle of God known as Fox News? Thou makest the saints vomit with thine vile accusations!

tom12008 said...

He probably forgot. Of course, there is a double standard at Faux News and at many other networks as well.

Yoski said...

Finally we get to talk about issues that really matter again, like wearing a flag pin. I was really starting to get fed up with all this drivel about peak oil and financial a core meltdown. How boring and who cares anyway? None of that is ever going to happen as long as we remain true pariots, believe in God and last but not least, wear a flag pin. Right on!.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Keith ....He's 72 but him some slack,,he's old, he's forgetful...ahhhh come on Keith the man is loosing it....
I hope everyone writes to Fox news and demand they cover this story

steely damn said...

Did anyone else think it odd that Obama had both the flag pin on his lapel AND a bracelet from some GI's mother? Looks like Mr. "I'm not a cynical politician and don't need patriot props" has found some religion in the latest poll numbers.

IMO neither guy "won" the debate. Both relied on canned responses too often but we did get a glimpse of their personalities. Obama is like a humorless assistant professor who ticks off numbered points his students will need to remember for next week's test. McCain tells war stories about his past accomplishments but doesn't realize that people under 30 years old could care less.

Neither one answered Lehrer's direct question about what programs they'd have to cut given the new financial realities.

Have a beer with Obama said...

Steely Danm said...
"Obama is like a humorless assistant professor"

And that "humorless assistant professor" is going to be a much better president than the frat boy who was too hung over to make the final and had president daddy buy him a degree form Yale and who follows just about every statement with a smirk and a heh-heh.

Or Mr. "My Friends" who only made it through Annapolis because Admiral daddy made sure Johnny didn't wash out.

We've had nearly eight years of daddy bought me "Cs" so I could get my degrees types running the country. We can see where that has git us. Let's try letting a A student run things for a while.

steely damn said...

"Let's try letting a A student run things for a while.

Superior intelligence is not a bad asset for a leader to have in his back pocket, but I'd say that life experience and creative thinking are far more important qualities in an executive position. President Jimmy Carter was an intelligent, dedicated man, but he was also a lousy leader and a joke as President. Obama strikes me as another Jimmy Carter (without the military background), and if elected he'll suffer the same fate as real world leaders run roughshod over him time and again.

McCain's biggest drawback is his advanced age. He will have to summon energy from somewhere just to make it through the first term. But I won't have to worry about Vladmir Putin pulling a fast one on him like Brezhnev did to Carter.