September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Alaska National Guard - our only defense against certain Russian invasion. Stay strong Sarah. Keep us safe.

Without heroes like Sarah Palin keeping America safe, we'd be doomed for sure.

AP loves Sarah Palin. America's sweetheart. And America's first line of defense against the evil Communist threat from Russia.

(FLASH: This just in - Russians are no longer Communists, no longer a threat. Thanks anyway Sarah)


consultant said...

Her ignorance is exceeded only by her arrogance.

It definitely is "ALL ABOUT SARAH!" What a b!tch!

I apologize to all the female (and other) HPers who might be offended by that term.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the blog. I am telling friends and co-workers about it.

You need to youtube the Patrick swayze movie Red Dawn. Just replace the Russians with our own corrupted government.

Keith you are great and that you for keeping us informed and having a place to vent.

Anonymous said...

sorry keith I did not watch your red dawn, could you just delete my last post....
See great minds think alike.

A few good women said...

We can't HANDLE the truth!

Sarah KNOWS the truth!

The Ruskie DEVILS want to take back Alaska!

They've ALWAYS wanted Alaska back!

They want the OIL!!!

But not on Sarah's watch...

Anonymous said...

Where's Sarah?

Oh yeah, giving back dirty campaign contributions to 'charity'.

What an unbelievable joke, even for Alaska.

Anonymous said...

This is all about drumming-up false perceptions of threat to justify new and existing MISSILE DEFENSE PROJECTS in Alaska.

Does Sarah have any 'friends' in the MIC?

"Troopergate" is a distraction...

The Russians are Coming said...

She doesn't realize that there is like 2000 miles of Canadian tundra between Alaska and the Real USA does she. And I'm not too sure that even Russian tanks are tough enough to brave the AlCan Highway.

Oh and the fact that there are a few real US military bases in Alaska to help her and the Alaska National Guard keep us safe from Boris and Natasha not to mention Fearless Leader. Oh no I mentioned Fearless Leader.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. The penis squad, keeping America safe for men.

Please tell me how your stammering, stuttering candidate is any better. He talks in social service language. That is, he says a lot but doesn't MEAN anything.

Oh, and how about your guy dispatching his "truth squad" in Missouri to find and prosecute people who might "lie" about him? what do you bloggers think about that?

Exactly who will be the arbiter of truth if he gets elected? (Perhaps he has a mullah in mind to help him with that job.)

And, here is a tip, tell your VP candidate not to make any historical references. He will either get them wrong (like saying FDR was on TV during the depression) or lie about them.

You think Palin is stupid?
Obama was stupid for picking Biden as his running mate, and he did it because his super-inflated ego would not allow him to pick the one person who would have clinched the election for Democrats - Hillary Clinton.

What does that contrary guy say? Oh yeah.