September 25, 2008

Letterman on Palin's running mate cancelling because of the exploding economy (while he goes on Katie Couric's show instead)

Can't go on Letterman and be Mr. Funny Guy when everything is collapsing around you. He got that right.

But McCain is just kinda weird folks. He's really losing it now.

Too bad. I wanted a competitive race. They're more fun.


Malcolm said...

Don't be fooled. This ploy was all about figuring out a way to cancel the VP debate that was supposed to be next Thursday.

Anonymous said...

John Herbert Hoover McCain.

Take your medicine you senile old warmonger.

out-of-touch LOSER.

McShill for the McBanksters said...

McCain did it!!

He rushed back to a hopelessly wavering Congress and, with steely-eyed resolve, took charge of the fraudulent bankster bailout and RAMMED IT DOWN THE TAXPAYER'S THROAT!

Heckuva job...