September 22, 2008

Barack Obama on 60 minutes talking about the housing crash and economic meltdown - and the disregard for regulation that got us into this mess

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Anonymous said...

Obama and Oprah Will Save Us!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Senator Obama, ever hear of these guys:

Chris Dodd
Barney Frank
Robert Rubin
Franklin Raines?

Two of them are your colleagues in Congress famous for championing liar loans in the face of multiple warnings that it was a bad idea. Rubin was your hero, and BTW he also sold the U.S. out to China some years ago when he was Treasury Secretary. Your good buddy Frank Raines is the former CEO of Fannie Mae - YOU LIKED HIM ENOUGH TO PUT HIS SORRY, CORRUPT, THIEVING ASS ON YOUR CAMPAIGN STAFF AS AN ECONOMIC ADVISOR.

Now you dare to point the finger across the aisle?

LOL what a wimp, what a douche!