September 27, 2008

In the end, most Americans don't pick their president on the issues. They pick based on who they like better, who they're more comfortable with, etc.

Here's a look from Fox's panel of "independent" voters with debate reaction. Looks more like an American Idol Paula/Simon/Randy feedback session. But that's what we have now in American politics - just beauty contests.

And next week's VP debate - with the first ever beauty contest winner - show's where we're at best.

So, who do you think won the 'debate' last night? I scored it 55 - 45 Obama. You can check out the liveblog at housingpanic.

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Anonymous said...

Plenty of unemployable Joe/Jane Lunch Boxes in that crown.

They are in a hurry to leave so they can drive on down to the track and watch cars race to turn left all afternoon.

America is Dead